5 Healthy Snacks to Snack on between Meals

There’s no saying when you’ll get hungry after you’ve had one of the three major meals of the day. Maybe you had a king-sized breakfast in the morning but surprise, surprise you’re the little beastly growls that emanate from YOUR tummy should really not be ignored. Most dieticians and nutritionists will also recommend that you keep your metabolism working with four to six small meals instead of three large ones; especially if you have a sluggish metabolism. These snacks are not boring and bland; in fact, they will aid you if you’re on a diet. Remember right nutrition better results.

1. Cucumbers and Vinegar Dressing


Cucumbers are tasty just as they are. But if you need something to change that taste then add in the vinegar dressing. Remember the dressing is not what you should be eating more of, so have it like a dressing not a gravy.

2. Smoothies


Fruit smoothies, green smoothies, any smoothie that contains fibre is good to keep your energy levels up and also not ruin your main meal. Again, heavy on the fruits and fibre sources and hold the sweeteners in the form of sugar. If you really need some sweetness opt for honey instead.

3. Dry Fruits and Nuts


Make a mix of your favourite dry fruits and nuts and keep them handy. Think zip lock bags instead of bulky containers. Same job better space utilisation in your bag and your tummy too!

4. A good portion of fruit


A whole apple or a banana works wonderfully well. You may want to try a cup full of berries too, they’re rich in vitamin C and other minerals. Make a salad, hold the dressing!

5. Tomatoes and cheese


Yes, cheese it is, but with tomatoes. Don’t go crazy on the cheese though! Cheese is good in calcium content and it does enhance the taste of any raw veggies. You can even try cheese and cucumbers. Remember, just enough cheese to be able to taste the cheesiness change the flavour of a raw vegetable.

6. Coconut water


Take a break, walk to the nearest naariyal-wala and get yourself a nice tender coconut. Get some back to the office or not is up to you. But the walk and the refreshing drink is not only heavy on important nutrients for the body but also never fails to soothe frayed nerves or beat the heat!

7. Peanut Butter


Yes, let’s all go crazy right here, right now! Peanut butter is healthy. Well, a tablespoonful of peanut butter is. I suggest you use it as a spread on an apple. I swear by this, it is delicious and gives you a crispiness to the gooeyness of the peanut butter.

8. Tea


Warm tea has many benefits. It cures headaches, it keeps you from feeling hungry when you may actually be thirsty and finally tea comes in many flavours. Some of us may get headaches with tea unlike those who drink tea to get rid of a headache and for them we decaffeinated tea or green tea.

9. Greek Yogurt


Yogurt is your replacement to mayonnaise and sour cream and all things fatty. Eat it just like that or pair it with a fruit, any way is fine. A cup of this should keep full enough to avoid the growls and not ruin your main meal.

10. Mix up two or three items in this list


And finally, mix it up. Smoothies with real fruit pieces in them or on the side, I find they’re more convenient as a side. Greek yogurt with fruit or nuts is another option. Put the tomatoes, cucumbers and cheese together in a salad or add the dressing instead of the cheese. Just pick two that you think will go well and voila. Although limiting your portion size, although obvious, is a must. Because otherwise you will just not have space for that delicious turkey sandwich with your name on it for lunch!