5 Health Benefits Of Onions That Will Give You Happy Tears

Onions are a staple of an Indian diet and is the base ingredient for the entire world of Indian cuisine. We have yet to come across a recipe for an Indian dish without onions playing a major part in it. Why do we include onions in majority of our dishes? It might be because it provides flavour to the dish and gives it that extra kick. It could also be because onions are nutritious and healthy as part of any diet. It contains fiber, antioxidants and is also rich in potassium, iron, sulphur and calcium. Onions also have significantly less amount of calories compared to other vegetables, with 100 grams containing a minuscule 45 calories. 

Here are a few more benefits for making onions a part of your daily diet. 

1. Lowers Bad Cholesterol 

Studies conducted by the Chinese University of Hong Kong show that they help in significantly reducing the levels of bad cholesterol and provides your body with good cholesterol, HDL. Eating half an onion every day raises HDL level by 30%.

2. Removes Dark Skin Spots

Combining onion juice with apple cider vinegar helps in reducing or even removing those ugly dark patches on your skin, if applied twice daily. Melasma, a skin condition which produces these dark spots can be cured by applying the onion juice mixture to balance the pH levels of the skin. 


 3. Maintains Brain Health 

Onions play a significant role in maintaining mental health. Research conducted to study brain activity show that consuming onions could help in memory loss and help prevent complications from damages to the brain due to stroke or a clot. 


4. Rich In Quercetin

Onions contain a significant amount of quercetin flavonoid, which, according to medical studies, can help cure diseases such as hay fever and bronchitis and could contribute to the reduction of asthma and diabetes. 


5. Controls Blood Sugar

Onions also contain allyl propyl disulphide which acts in a similar way to insulin, helping to balance blood sugar levels. Research has shown that onions are also helpful in reducing blood glucose levels. 

Sweet onions on wooden background

So, the next time you are tearing up when cutting onions, know that it is for a healthy reason.