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5 Hangover Remedies for the Next Time You Go Celebrating


Parties, night clubs or social mixers, call them what you want but everybody knows an excuse to binge-drink need not have a fancy name. The amount we drink, most often, is directly proportional to the company we keep in the gathering. For example, if you’re someone who will be found near the PlayStation you will probably get a new drink in every hour or so. If you are someone who is surrounded by people egging you on for a challenge you are probably the one chugging shot after shot. Either way a hangover, mild or extreme, is going to be your first challenge the next morning. Here are 5 ways to handle that hangover like an adult.

1. Water


Drink as much water as you can because alcohol does dehydrate you. You will be reaching for a glass of water every so often any way. So just keep a tumbler of water handy before you go out drinking. You will be very grateful the next morning when you wake up to a glass full of water.

2. Carbs – Toast



Load up on carbs after a night of drinking. It will help you get rid of the uneasiness of that nauseating feeling you have and also help you feel a lot better.

3. Pain relievers like Advil not Tylenol


Over-the-counter pill poppers, don’t take a Tylenol to help rid your hangover. It will only damage your liver further. Tylenol is for when you have a properly functioning liver and not one that is working over time because of alcohol consumption. Instead take anti-inflammatory pills such as Advil. It works better and doesn’t cause damage like a Tylenol.

4. Greasy food before not after alcohol


The greasy food to help relieve a hangover works only if you had it before your alcohol spree. So eat up and slow down the alcohol’s effects and save yourself from a bad hangover the next day.

5. Sleep


The best remedy to a hangover is to sleep it off. Our body rejuvenates while we sleep and alcohol needs those few extra hours to work off. To be able to do this you will have to plan your night out such that you don’t miss an important meeting at work the next morning!



Tip: Get every next drink after an hour because that’s how long your body takes to metabolise the alcohol consumption