5 Hacks To Cut Down On Food Wastage

It’s World Food Day and there couldn’t be a better day to teach ourselves a bit more about cutting back on food wastage. Metro Vancouver came up with a series incredible tricks called ‘Love Food Hate Waste’ that will allow your foods to last longer. Here’s how you can pull back your contribution to food wastage.


#1 Bananas

No one likes a soggy or brown banana. Use this simple trick to prolong your bananas’ life.


#2 Fruits & Vegetables

Store your fruits and veggies right to avoid a hoard rotten food in your refrigerator.


#3 Milk

It’s ‘Best Before’ not ‘Rotten After’. Trust your nose over the manufacturer’s word when it comes to milk.


#4 Frozen Extras

So your recipe requires just 4 chilies but you bought 6? Don’t worry here’s how you can keep the extras fresh!


#5 Bread

The freezer comes to the rescue yet again when it comes to keeping bread fresh longer.


For the rest of the amazing hack series check out the MetroVancouver channel on YouTube.