5 Gifts for an Alcohol Enthusiast

Have you ever found yourself wondering what to gift a person who has everything? Some decades ago, gifts used to be about giving people useful things. But with every new generation these gifts have started being passed down from one person to another because the recipient didn’t like it or didn’t have any need for it. These days it’s all about gift vouchers. It’s like giving cash and saying, “Here, go buy what you want, don’t bother me!” Personally I would prefer cash but after looking at the items on this list I would rather you gift me one of these (or enough cash for one of these!)

These gifts are appropriate for people who are extremely enthused about alcohol. And if they’re not, they might still like some of these!

1. Das Horn


Drink like a Viking, a modern Viking!

2. Gummy Shot Glasses


Keeping it shot and sweet with these gummy shot glasses.

3. Sphere Ice Molds


Because ice should never be cornered.

4. Wobbling Whiskey Glasses


A cure for fidgety hands, or not! And in case you were wondering, no, the drink will never spill!

5. Bottle of Wine Glass


A glass of wine a day is good for health. No one said anything about the size of the glass okay!

6. Whiskey Stones


I know people who love their drinks neat and this is how you keep your drink neat! No ice, no dilution; just a very cold, neat drink.

7. KeyTool Bottle Opener


Always up for a bottle of beer.

8. Caped Shot Glasses


The nerd in you will want to fly

9. One-Handed Bottle Opener


Because you need to hold the burger in one hand right!

10. Wine Pearls


Because all W(h)ine needs the classy version of the ruggedly handsome whiskey stones!

11. Camera Lens Shot Glasses


Nothing says ‘I am serious about photography and booze’ as a lens shot glass