5 Fusion Restaurants in Mumbai for the Best of the Whole World

Are you one of those people who simply cannot decide what your favorite cuisine is? Does a dish of dim sum sound just as appealing as a bowl of pasta, which you want with some tandoori prawns? Then  there’s no better place for you than a fusion restaurant. Chefs at fusion restaurants take great pride in creating a literal melting pot of cuisines and sending out dishes that have Indian, European, Mexican and even African elements in them. Mumbai, probably because it houses and caters to people from all over the globe has some great fusion restaurants, such as the ones that follow.

1) Masala Library


Masala Library is a fine dining restaurant that uses its library of masalas and Indian spices to create Indo-European fusion dishes such as quinoa biryani, pesto kebabs with parmesan papad and poha paella. Masala Library is also known for is beautifully plated dishes.

2) Made in Punjab


Similar to Masala Library, Made in Punjab has a range of desi dishes with unique twists. So, the gulab jamun becomes a flambéed gulab jamun and the mutton  sheek kebab is accompanied with blue cheese cream.

3) California Pizza Kitchen


California Pizza Kitchen is not only a pizza destination; it also serves up some brilliant fusion dishes like the Mediterranean spring rolls and the kung pao spaghetti. If you absolutely must have pizza try the pizza topped with red Thai curry.

4) Ziya at the Oberoi


While other restaurants are experimenting with Indian and foreign fusions, Ziya is marrying flavors closer to home, with dishes like chicken tandoori dosa and uttapam lasagna. A bonus is the magnificent sea view you get while you dine.

5) BlueFrog


BlueFrog is an explosion of fusions, with each dish having flavors from at least two different cuisines. We love the Thai spiced chicken tikka, the malai chicken risotto and the frog Caesar.