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5 funny food superstitions that will leave you in banana splits


Everybody loves superstitions. Now don’t give me all that about how you think they’re ‘stupid’. What about that time you avoided the black cat or the time you stayed away from the last piece of cake? 

We’ve all got our quirks. So here’s a list of ones with food just to make the ride fun. 

1. No point in crying over spilled salt


Spilling salt is considered bad luck in most countries. It probably originated from the fact that salt was an expensive commodity those days- wasting salt, wasting money. If you spill salt, the only way to turn your bad luck around is to throw some salt with your right hand over your left shoulder.

2. Lucky Black Eyed Peas


Nope. Nothing to do with a band. Black eyed peas are just considered lucky. Americans eat them at New Years to bring  luck, good health and fortune through the year. 

3. Throw some good luck, throw some rice


In most countries rice is thrown at the bride and groom after the wedding to bring them good luck. It was believed that rice would appease evil spirits so they would not harm the couple.

4. Orange is the colour of hearts in love


In those days, brides carried an orange blossom in their bouquets to bring good luck. If you loved someone you would give him an orange so that he may love you back. 

5. I wish you long noodles.


The Chinese never break their noodles- even as they eat them. Long noodles bring long life.