5 Fun Events In Bangalore That Will Light Up Your Weekend

Johnson Market Food Walk

5 Fun Events In Bangalore That Will Light Up Your Weekend

Sun, 19 Mar 2017

5:30PM – 8:00PM

By Unhurried

Johnson Market,Central Bangalore

 Rs 1500 

From the ‘world-famous’ traditional family-run bakeries, Iranian food & to a very English named Market built in Islamic design next to a lovely residential ‘town’, the Johnson market has it all – diverse cultures,a busy commercial ambience and quiet residential lanes. Know more about this part of the city with their Market food walk this Sunday. History is always fascinating

Markets and the eateries in the bylanes around Johnson’s market have their own set of loyalists. Mention Johnson’s Market to anyone in Richmond town and they’d light up at the thought of Fanoos. Just like Russell Market, this one too is a carnivore’s delight. 

From Iranian sheek kebabs to phaal and mughalai naans and from plum cakes to khajurs and dil pasand, there’s a lot it offers. As we walk in and out of bakeries, cafes and restaurants, experience the spice and sweet of Johnson’s Market.

Sudan’s Pop-up Eigakan (Theater) OpenOut

5 Fun Events In Bangalore That Will Light Up Your Weekend

Sun, 19 Mar 2017 4:00PM – 7:00PM

By OpenOut 

627 1st B Main Road , Bangalore 

Rs 1280 Book Now

“I love art, design, books, movies, sports, documentaries, classics, music, whiskey (japanese) and can have conversations about it for hours! You will notice all of this, as soon as you step into my home, sweet home!”

“Jiro dreams of sushi, is one of my favorite documentaries and I am opening my home to ten people to relax and spend the sunday, different, with a screening at my house (I have a nice TV screen & audio system!), followed by conversations over some wine and authentic japanese cuisine by an OpenOut host, Kanishka.”

The cuisine will have

Starter-Gyoza – pan fried dumplings with pork mince. This is traditionally street food in Japan. Vegetarian version can be made.

Main Course-Veg – Tan tan noodles: Soba noodles with sesame sauce

Non veg – Kakuni: Slow cooked pork belly with rice

Dessert-Matcha: Green tea pudding

And yes, some wine to go along with all of this, too!


Organic Terrace & Balcony Garden Hands on experience workshop

5 Fun Events In Bangalore That Will Light Up Your Weekend

Sun, 19 Mar 2017 10:00AM – 12:30PM

By My Dream Garden 

My Dream Garden , North Bangalore 

Rs 300

Dream Garden, the one stop solution for all garden related problems, is the organizer of this event. They reach out to those dream of a having a lush green lawn, or a balcony decorated with potted plants. They believe in turning every existing extra space into something green, making the environment a green space to live in. And they believe in going organic all the way, so their plants and gardening are always chemical free. They provide services related to the field of gardening like setting up the garden with the necessary equipment, and make it look aesthetically pleasing at the same time. They have introduced their unique grow bag, for planting seeds, which are UV treated, highly durable and environment friendly. Potting Mix and nutrients, especially made by My Dream Garden, for the growth and health of the plants are also sold by them. These potting mix and manure for plants are all organic and non-chemical.  And their work is not over with just making the garden, they even help with the maintenance and pest control of the garden.

Food Truck at the Dog Park (Ed: 2)

5 Fun Events In Bangalore That Will Light Up Your Weekend

Sun, 19 Mar 2017 10:00AM

By Dog Park at The Elephant Pond  Follow

Dog Park At The Elephant Pond , Bangalore

The Summer is here  another food truck  will grace Dog Park at The Elephant Pond on the 19th of March!

The second edition of Food Truck at the Dog Park, a HollyBoo event is a fun day out in the Dog Park for you to meet other Dogs and Dog owners over some yummy global cuisine from Foodee Adda. This summer, let your dogs beat the heat by swimming in our natural pond, play, run and make new friends.Need training guidance/ assistance for your dog(s)? Speak to certified behaviourists who can help you understand your dog better. Foodee Adda is a Food Truck that’s run by Women Power and serves some great Global Cuisine.

Come be a part of the fun with your dogs and the Food on the 19th of March.

Limited Entry of 25 Doggie Families Only!

Call Srikanth for more details on +91 99868 63989 or write to dogparktep@gmail.com

Millet Mindshare – cooking with millet

5 Fun Events In Bangalore That Will Light Up Your Weekend

 Sun, 19 Mar 2017 2:30AM

By Aurovika 

Aurovika , South Bangalore

Aurovika presents Millet Mindshare – cooking with Millet workshop wherein there is introduction of various types of Millet, the nutritional factors, benefits of eating Millet and most importantly how to use/cook Millet in order to enrich your meal with fibre, proteins and trace elements. Join us at Aurovika for Millet Mindshare – Cooking with Millet workshop on 19 Mar at 2.30PM