5 Foods that will help you say goodbye to fatigue

We all have those days, don’t we? The night when we just didn’t get enough sleep– maybe you were partying with friends or you were just tossing around in bed cursing insomnia. And the next day, you sit at work, staring listlessly at your screen and then you scramble towards that coffee machine seeking salvation. Yes, your beloved coffee machine that gives you the much needed caffeine fix.

But as we have all heard, caffeine might not be the best solution for you (and us), why don’t we try these 5 foods that will help you be as sharp as a whip. 



This go-to breakfast item is highly rich in protein, so not only does it make you feel full but also alert. Eggs also contain choline which helps in brain function. Oh, and they are yummy.

Wheat germ

wheat germ

Sprinkle some wheat germ over your daily cereal and you have your daily dose of Vitamin E which is known to fight symptoms in chronic fatigue syndrome patients.



You can never go wrong with walnuts. They are rich in fibre and protein and will have you feeling more alert and attentive.



Salmon is rich is omega-3 fatty acids which the body needs but cannot produce naturally. It acts as a natural anti-depressant and fatigue is often found to be a symptom of depression.


dark chocolate

When life doesn’t quite go the way you want it to, there’s chocolate. Dark chocolate contains an ingredient called theobromine which has similar effects of caffeine. It’s safer to stick to dark chocolate, milk chocolate contains too much sugar-that might have you more hyper than you wished for.