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5 Foods That Will Help With That All-Nighter


We all know that one night when everything jumps on the wagon. Reports due, meetings to prepare for, exams, speeches, presentations and the list goes on. What’s keeping you up at night? It sure as anything isn’t what you’re working on. The numbers sing a lullaby, the presentation looks sleepy and the speech sounds dull. How can we help it? Eat. Yes, really, eat. Eat right and you can sight tight with what’s keeping you up in the first place. 

1. Cold Water

Well, it does sound crazy. But no, it’s not to splash on your face. Drinking cold water every 30 minutes will help keep you awake and in the toilet a little more often. 

2. Non-caffeinated Herbal Tea 

Tea does sound good and the herbs in it will help keep those eyes open. 

3. Apples 

Crunching on a fresh apple will keep you awake and good-spirited. 

4. Sandwiches

Ah, sandwiches. Now here’s some good food. Studies show that cheese sandwiches help. We’re serious, mom. 

5. Eat a light meal for dinner

Light meals for dinner are a must. Load yourself with that extra burger and you’ll be asleep on the dinner table.