5 Foods That are Rich in Vitamin A and Excellent for Eyesight

We use our eyes all the time. Now with the digital media and the computers demanding our attention Vitamin A is vital for healthy eyes! Vitamin A is vital for a healthy immune system and cell growth also. There are two types of Vitamin A. Retinoids, which comes from animal produce. Beta- Carotene, which comes from plant sources. The American heart Association recommends that a well-balanced and wholesome meal should be the choice to good nutrition, rather than Vitamin supplements.  The natural way of getting the Vitamin A, through food is considered the best.

Multiple studies conducted have concluded that, supplements of Vitamin A in excess can affect the mortality rate. Therefore Vitamin A supplements if at all required, needs to be monitored by a health professional.   

Why do people require Vitamin A? Well it is a form of treatment for acne as well as wrinkles; it is contained in a lotion and applied. It is an antioxidant therefore much in demand. Oral Vitamin A is administered in the pill form, for more serious conditions like cancer, cataract, and HIV. However the results are inconclusive. But we do know this Vitamin A is good for the eyesight and to look great so load up on it in food.

Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato_compressed

Sweet Potato leads the chart. So here is your chance to load up on this vegetable. Sweet potato is versatile; it can be eaten as a sweet dish or even made into a curry form. Sweet Roasted Potato Salad too is a very nourishing dish. What is astonishing is one medium size sweet potato will give you 438 % of the Vitamin you need in a day.


carrots Vitamin A_compressed

Carrots too are great source for Vitamin A. Carrots can be made onto desserts, juice and even into curries. They can be eaten raw and added to salads. Another very versatile vegetable can be enjoyed in many forms. One medium size carrot will give you 200 % of the daily requirement.


Kale Vitamin A_compressed

Kale is also loaded with Vitamin A. it can be a little restrictive source as one has to acquire a taste for it. Kale is best had as a salad or just lightly blanched and seasoned. This will make a very healthy dish for you to get the Vitamin. This leafy vegetable contains 200 % of the Vitamin A of what is required in a day, in just one helping.


Apricot jam Vitamin_compressed

Apricots are just great. The will give you 94 % of the daily requirement. They can be eaten as candied fruit for a snack, juice or even jams. Fresh home- made jams are delicious so definitely add the apricots.

Cantaloupe Melon

Cantaloupe Melon Vitamin_compressed

Cantaloupe Melon is a great fruit and easy to eat. Just have it in a fruit salad or even mashed and chilled with ice-cream it is a great tasting fruit and very flavorsome. One wedge provides 120 % of the required amount of the Vitamin A.