5 Foods To Soothe A Common Cold

Changing weather has lead us all to catch a cold sooner or later and while cold takes a while to heal, here are 5 foods that’ll help you feel better.


A hot cup of ginger tea works wonders if you have a cold and even help soothe a sore throat. Alternatively you can also have chamomile or green tea as being higher in antioxidants they help you heal faster.


If you can chew a small piece of ginger two to three times a day it’ll do you real good. If you don’t like it raw, grind it in a mortar pestle and have it with honey.

Chicken Soup

Not only does it gives you the protein packed nourishment that you need, it also hydrates you. Chicken soup is the most soothing and energy giving food you can consume during a cold.


Honey helps your sore throat which is synonymous with a cold and also gives you energy while most food tastes bland. Mix it in with some tea or have a plain spoonful, it’ll do you good.


Garlic helps in prevention of cold and if you catch it anyway, the cloves work towards removing the toxins from your body.