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5 Foods that Help Combat Cancer


Cancer can affect anyone and in any way. While some can be cured others are terminal. But what really stands out is the fact that, according to WHO, more than 30% of cancer can be prevented simply by not consuming tobacco, having a healthy diet and consuming alcohol in moderation. While that is true, there are other simple foods that we can consume to reduce the risk of cancer.

1. Berries

What – colon, oesophageal, oral, and skin cancers 

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How – Berries contain high concentrations of phytochemicals which slow down the growth of cancerous cells. 

2. Broccoli

What – breast, liver, lung, prostate, skin, stomach, and bladder cancers 


How – Broccoli contains sulforaphane, a compound that boosts our body’s protective enzymes and flushes out the carcinogenic chemicals. 

3. Tomatoes

What – endometrial, lung, prostate, and stomach cancers 


How – Tomatoes are a good source of a carotenoid called lycopene. It is found to stop cancer cell growth in endometrial cancer.

4. Walnuts

What – breast and prostate cancers


How – Reduce your risk of breast cancer by adding walnuts to your diet. They have the ability to slow down the growth of cancer cells by blocking estrogen receptors.

5. Garlic

What – breast, colon, oesophageal, and stomach cancer


How – Studies show that women who consumed high amounts of garlic through their diet had a 50% lower risk of colon cancers than women ate least. Garlic is known for its multiple benefits, one of which is cancer. It halts the formation of carcinogens formed in stomach cancers.