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5 Foods doctors avoid eating


Doctors stay away from certain foods and there is pretty good reason why too. Here’s a list of the foods they avoid and why.

1. Unpasteurised or skim milk


Milk contains a huge amount of bacteria that can be a cause of concern. While the hormones and antibiotics use in milk can be harmful, skim milk also can be problematic. The method of processing skim milk results in creating oxidised fat which is a lot worse than fat itself. Better to have regular whole fat milk instead.

2. Processed meat


Processed meats are heavy on chemicals like arsenic and toxins that can cause a lot of problems. Too much salt in cold processed meats is also damaging for the body. If you eat an unhealthy meat you will also go the same way. After all you are what you eat.

3. Bread and Pasta


Breads and pasta that use a lot of bleached flour (white flour). Going gluten free is one thing but eating bleached flour can be damaging too. Also bread and pasta can be addictive which is not good because of their high glycemic index which is cause for concern with people who have a background of insulin problems.

4. Soda, Energy Drinks


Soda and energy drinks contain added flavours, colours and are extremely high on sugar content. None of which is good for the body as they can cause various problems, heart problems being in the lead.

5. Anything with the label Fat free or Sugar free


Anything that says fat free contains a lot of sugar to help make up for the fat content. On the other hand sugar-free means artificial sweeteners, most of which are carcinogenic. If you want something sweet go for the fruit. Eating oily food is less harmful than eating fat free products.

At the end of the day, anything that is man-made or artificially produced is not good for health. Even farm produce has pesticide residue. You can’t avoid eating altogether but you can make healthy choices. Also, we tend to eat more of diet foods which is worse if not equally bad as eating fatty or high sugar foods. It’s best to observe moderation in the kinds of food you take.