5 Food Trends you’re going to end up pinning in 2015

 Looking for a New Year resolution that lasts? Try ‘Pinning’ this year. If you are a foodie, these 5 food trends which are our favorites from the just-released ‘Pinterest 100 list for Food and Drink’ are probably going to be on your board in 2015.

1. Cauliflower – The hottest new vegetable in town


Cauliflower is set to replace the kale, which we’ve been eating too much of anyway. It’s not just to be used as a side, but as a main ingredient for any dish.

2. Tequila, Tequila and more Tequila


Tequila is the new vodka, and it’s everywhere. It’s even used instead of rum in Mai Tai! But this twist is ‘tasted’ and approved and we can’t wait to have more.

3. Gluten-free anything

pasta gluten free

Anything and everything that is gluten-free works. From baked goods to home dishes, if it’s gluten-free you can put it on your kitchen table.

4. 007 Menus


The “secret” menus inside the menus placed in front of you. It’s no longer cool to order from just your menu.

5. Impressionist Food


Food so hot that you would like to eat him up. Sorry, I meant eat it up.

2015 seems to be all about low-carbs, healthy living and food that look like Benedict Cumberbatch. Combine the trends and we have the perfect trifecta!