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5 Food Trends You Need To Start Following Now #POLL


Food trends have become bigger than ever. From lacing your food with hot sauces to cakes that are as reflective as mirrors and drinks that look like a glass of rainbow, the world of gastronomy sure has churned out a storm this year. And while most of these trends tend to be more for show (read, Instagram), there are some that even your nutritionist will agree with. Here are five such food trends that you need to be following this season!


  1. Avocado

The green fruit is a rich source of nutrients like Vitamin C, E, and K, protein, fibre, antioxidants, and healthy monounsaturated fatty acids. But not just that, it is also a highly customisable one. From the good ol’ avocado toast and guacamole to the recent caffeine-friendly spin on the food, the avolatte (which, we agree, may have been a bit over the top), this trend is not going to die down anytime soon. And for good reason! Avocados are delicious, they are natural, and totally trendy!

Image: Simple Green Moms


  1. Buddha Bowls

No prizes for guessing why we are so in love with this trend! For the uninitiated, a Buddha bowl (also known as a sunshine bowl, hippie bowl, and macro bowl) is one compact and complete meal in itself, which is assembled in a bowl. One of 2017’s hottest food trends, these food bowls bring together all the important food groups – veggies (raw, sautéed and/or roasted), protein (legumes, tofu or meat), greens, seeds, and dressing – in the most aesthetically pleasing manner.

Image: Nourish Everyday


  1. Sushi Burrito

Okay, we’ll admit that at first the thought of a burrito-sized sushi had us a little confused. But the more you think about it, the more the whole mash-up makes sense! Because honestly, there are very few foods that could match up on the health scale with a dry seaweed pocket stuffed with rice, fish/tofu, and veggies, making the food rich in omega-3 fatty acids (found in fish), vitamin D, A, B-6, and C. It’s totally healthy and can you even imagine the number of double taps you could get on a snap of this food!

Image: Healthy Nibbles & Bits


  1. Vegan Food

The vegan diet is not for everyone but if you can accustom your system to animal produce-free meals, your body – and PETA – will thank you in the long run (that said, non-vegan diets are no less healthy). Did you know that vegans tend to have a healthier heart, lower blood sugar levels, and lesser risk of getting Type 2 diabetes? Of course, you need to make sure that your dietary intake isn’t vegan just for the sake of it and that you are actually eating a healthy diet. Moreover, given all the food research and innovation going on across the world, there are hardly any vegan substitutes out there that doesn’t trump its non-vegan counterpart. This couple would totally agree!



  1. Coconut

A great source of protein, fiber, Vitamin-C and minerals (iron, calcium and magnesium, etc.), coconut has gained a lot of popularity this year. The ingredient is hot in kitchen right now and can be tweaked to make a number of sweet and savoury foods like coconut ice cream, dips, butter, smoothies, and so much more! And did we mention just how amazing coconut flavoured everything tastes?

Image: Food NDTV

So, which of these food trends will you be following this season? Vote below and let us know!

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Feature Image: Love & Olive Oil

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