5 Food Scented Candles That’ll Put You In The Mood…For Food

Food taps into all of our senses. It’s not just the taste (although that is a major factor) – who doesn’t like looking at a beautifully plated meal, or smelling the delicious spice smell that permeates the air when mom’s cooking a biryani? For me, the smell of food is the perfect way to work up a healthy appetite. So if you’re preparing for a long night that’ll be spent indulging in a buffet spread or even getting ready for a long Sunday brunch then burn these candles to whet your appetite.

KFC Fried Chicken Candle


This candle is made from frying KFC chicken in candle wax, so you can be sure it smells authentic. You better be sure you have a big bucket of fried chicken on hand before lighting this up.

Bacon Candle


The smell of bacon sizzling is probably one of my favourite things to wake up to. With this candle, I can get my wake up call without the extra fat. I’m not so sure it’ll work though.

Sea Salt and Maple Pop Corn Candle

sea salt

I’ve never smelt this one but I imagine it’ll smell just like salty pop corn buckets that you get in cinemas.

Cotton Candy Candle


While this smells like cotton candy, it’s missing the best part; the fluffy cotton like texture.

Whiskey in a Jar Candle


Men: Is cotton candy too girly for you? Reaffirm your manliness by relaxing in a bubble bath with this whiskey candle.