5 Food Moisturizers To Give You Healthy & Happy Skin This Winter


Winter is here, and it brought along the frigid arctic winds in tow. Now, every dead skin hating person is prepared to spend months of salary on bottles, ladles and truckloads of moisturizing lotions. But here are 7 foods that’ll keep your skin naturally hydrated through the frigid months.


  1. Spinach

In addition to being Popeye’s main source of energy, Spinach is also rich in vitamins that strengthen the skin (Vitamin A) and help keep it healthy through the cold season.Spinach1


  1. Berries

Apart from being rich in juices to rehydrate your system, berries also replenish the skin’s glow. This antioxidant and vitamin rich fruit also protects the skin against external pollutants.Berries



  1. Avocado

The nutrients in avocado such as Vitamins c and E along with monosaturated fats are a great way of locking the skins moisture.avocado-and-honey


  1. Fish

Fish contain omega-3 fats that boost skin cells. So healthy portions of grilled, baked (not deep fried) herring, salmon, trout and other fish can protect your bring dead and dry skin to life.Fish


  1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The oil is loaded with Vitamin E and desirable fats. Consuming olive oil keeps the insides healthy and hydrated whereas, a good layer of it on the outside keeps the skin dewy fresh.olive oil