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5 Food Items Which Can’t Really Be Considered Food Items


Take a closer look at that jar of mayonnaise the next time you are out grocery shopping. Does it really contain what we can call proper mayonnaise? Mayonnaise is made from emulsification of egg yolks and oil with drops of lemon juice or vinegar. What we find on the store shelves is filled with so much artificial colouring, preservatives and ingredients, we can’t even call it mayonnaise anymore. 

There are many such products in stores which give you the idea of a food product but the reality is, its not even close to the product that is being advertised. Here is a list of “food items” which if you look closely are not really what they promise. 

1. Chocolate Chip Cookies 

What they call chocolate chip cookies aren’t really chocolate chip cookies. Chocolate chips are traditionally made from cocoa butter. Some of these chocolate chip cookies sold in stores use cheaper vegetable oils as substitutes.


2. Caramel Syrup

Have you noticed that the caramel syrup you make at home with a sugar base tastes and looks completely different than the ones you purchase from the stores? That’s because these companies add a “caramel colour” called 4-methylimidazole, which is processed with ammonia and is known to be on the list of carcinogens. The sad thing is, companies don’t really have to disclose the fact they add this chemical to their products. 

caramel syrup

3. Peanut Butter

The peanut butter which they sell is not really peanut butter. It can be called peanut flavoured sugar oil, which is what it contains. It contains at least two types of sugar plus partially hydrogenated oil. Why, you may ask? We have no idea. Shouldn’t peanut butter contain, oh, we don’t know, peanuts? 


4. Mashed Potatoes

Have you ever wanted to try the mashed potato from a box? It’s easy and fast and somewhat resembles the real thing. The truth is the mashed potato flakes contain a lot more than just potatoes. It has several preservatives and flavouring added to it that it loses the true flavour which comes from potatoes. Why buy this product when you can make some at home? 

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5. Maple Syrup

That lovely syrup you pour on your pancakes is not really maple syrup. It is really high fructose corn syrup with added food colourings and artificial flavours. Did you also know that you can make fresh maple syrup at home? Yes, that might be a better way to enjoy those lovely pancakes for breakfast. 

maple syrup