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5 food-centric episodes from The Simpsons!


These episodes are packed with glorious food moments that’ll make you salivate!

S05E11- E-I-E-I-(Annoyed Grunt)



This episode in its entirety catapults it to the #1 spot. It begins with the whole family watching an inaccurate depiction of The Mask of Zorro wherein he glove-slaps everyone into getting shit done for him. Homer attempts to incorporate this particularly intimidating action into his daily events and ends up challenging a Southern Sheriff at a slushy stand queue to a duel. After a nightmarish sequence of events, The Simpsons take flight and occupy an abandoned farm house. In order to survive, Homer decides to cultivate plants. He ends up inventing a refreshingly addictive, radioactive, crossbred super crop, a hodgepodge of Tomato and Tobacco fertilized with Plutonium. As Bart puts it “They taste like cigarette butts!” Homer then tries to market his weird crop in great quantities to unsuspecting passers-by. As the episode progresses, Homer loses all of his crops to livestock grazing. Farm animals violently break in jonesing for nicotine rich tomatoes but he manages to save one stem of Tomacco. Fun fact: Tomacco is no longer a fictional crop.

S07E07- King-Size Homer


With the world trying to obliterate obesity with suction devices and what not, the already pudgy nuclear safety technician embraces it. He decides to escape a mandatory exercise program at work by loading up on food. He eats EVERYTHING to reach the minimum requirement of 300 pounds to be deemed disabled leaving everyone looking grossly underweight. Even if that means eating non-toxic play-doh donut crafted by baby Marge. He starts discovering the perks of his new disabled status and works from home. His lethargy causes a partial nuclear meltdown. He however mitigates the explosion by putting his body fat to use. The episode closes with Homer joining back Mr. Burn’s Calisthenics program.

S07E05- Lisa is a vegetarian



After a brief visit to the local amusement park- Story Town Village, Lisa turns vegetarian and becomes the victim of Bart and Homer’s relentless mockery. With her family straight up refusing to accept her, they even form a Congo line and sing a contagious phrase- “You don’t win friends with salad!” All the students at school are forced to watch a propaganda film criticizing vegetarianism after Lisa openly expresses displeasure at her school cafeteria for not serving a vegetarian alternative. When the situation fails to improve at home, in an act of defiance, Lisa decides to wreck Homer’s Barbeque party by driving off with the pièce de résistance, Roast Pig. Lisa then meets Paul and Linda McCartney who tell her that forcing one’s beliefs on others is plain wrong. She then returns home to her loving carnivorous family.

S11E03- Guess Who’s Coming to Criticize Dinner?


In this episode, gastronomically knowledgeable Homer Simpson gets a job as a food critic after he professes his love for food in a sing song manner at a farewell party in The Springfield Shopper. He initially struggles to meet the word limits but Lisa offers to help him out. With the help of Lisa, Homer dishes out excellent reviews and wins everyone’s praise. After learning that he has earned a reputation for being rather too generous, he becomes needlessly cruel in his reviews. Springfield’s chefs plot to kill him with a delectable yet deadly giant éclair containing 25 sticks of butter smothered in dark chocolate and a dose of poison. At the very end Lisa saves Homer by calling the fatal dessert low-fat which stops him from eating it.

S05E05- Treehouse of Horror IV: The Devil and Homer Simpson


This Halloween special episode opens with Homer day dreaming about a runway full of donuts with shaved legs. Without reflecting upon the grave ramifications, Homer announces that he’d sell his soul for a donut. The devil on hearing this makes him sign a contract before giving him a scrumdiddlyumptious, sprinkles covered shiny donut all the way from Hell’s Kitchen, no not Gordon Ramsey’s. During his sleep-eating ritual, Homer accidentally finishes the last bit of the donut and falls into a swirling pool of fire which is the gateway to hell. In hell, with the devil constantly brandishing a knife, Homer is force fed stacks of donuts. I MEAN COME ON. That is sweet torture for the guy. After several failed attempts to make him miserable, the devil curses him with a donut for a head and sends him back to the living world.

Well, what are you all waiting for? Go on and grab a tub of popcorn and watch those food filled episodes!