5 Food Blogs You Should Have Followed in 2016

If you are not already following these amazing, mind-blowing, orgasmic (okay enough adjectives!) food blogs, then get on it as soon as you finish reading this post. These blogs, listed in no particular order, are unique in their depth, sheer ingenuity and creativity that these artisans have put into their craft. And of course, cooking is more than just putting together 5 ingredients, at its finest – Cooking is an art. And what’s more is that these blogs make it fun!

1. Pen & Palate


Ah Lucy Madison! How I aspire to be you. Her words are pristine and they make you feel like you are right there with her, holding the knife, cleaning the vegetable, smelling the aroma of precisely put –together vegetables. The world-famous blog which she started with her friend Tram Nguyen who is designer and illustrator for the blog is now being turned into a book and we can’t wait for it!

 2. My Darling Lemon Thyme

Emma Galloway- My Darling Lemon Thyme

Started by Emma Galloway, A New Zealand-Australian based chef who has over 8 years of experience. Her blog is exclusively for gluten-free vegetarian recipes and tips for organic gardening. She has some wonderful looking food, and some of the recipes are vouched for by us!

3. Oh, Lady Cakes

oh lady cakes

The ultimate dessert blog! Covering every possible dessert that you can think of, Oh Lady Cakes is the destination for any dessert recipe you might need. The blog started by Ashlae has remarkable pictures of the dessert (Not just cakes!) and an occasional swear word or two. The recipes are always vegan and occasionally gluten-free.

4. I am a food blog

i am a food blog

Saveur Magazines Food Blog Award Winner of 2014. And rightly so. This blog will have you captivated, drooling and then heading straight for your kitchen with your apron on! Started by the author of the book easy gourmet, this blog is inspired by restaurant dishes, take-out and whatever else you can think of.

5. Local Milk Blog


An artsy food photography blog at its best. The pictures on this blog are to die for and you can’t help but ogle entranced by the captivating and astonishing pictures put up by Elizabeth Evelyn Kirby are “inspired by the perfection of imperfection”.