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5 Facebook groups foodies simply HAVE to join!


It must get one-sided as you keep reading food blogs. Sometimes you need to get into that screen and voice your opinions. With that thought in mind, you’ve definitely got to join these Facebook food groups.

1. The Indian Restaurant Spy

Do you remember that scene in ‘Friends’ where everyone except Joey understands the inside joke? Do you want to be like that? If not, then you’ve got to be up to date with your information. The Indian Restaurant Spy is a community which shares all the latest news in the culinary world. It has a national outlook so you can gain valuable insight in food styles from other regions of the country as well. If you ever travel to another city in India, then this group could be a life saver when you’re looking around for a good place to eat.

There’s a new dish in town? I want to hear about it. A new hot chef in the kitchen, you say? I absolutely want to hear about that.

The Indian restaurant spy

2. Sikandalous Cuisine

Secret ingredient to the secret ingredient soup- that’s what attracted customers in ‘Kung fu panda’s restaurant’. So, if you’ve found some ground-breaking cooking recipes, then Sikandulous cuisine is a wondrous food group that lets you upload pictures AND share the recipe. The dish can be from any cuisine, as long as your own ingenuity is added to it.

sikandalous cuisine

3. Chennai food Guide

Though it is largely based on food news within Chennai, there are no restrictions on posting about food cuisines and culture that aren’t local. The Chennai Food Guide gives a true sense of being a part of a group. The most attractive feature of this food group lies with the fact that you can show off your own cooking creations as well as share articles, links, promotions and so on.

chennai food guide

4. Chennai Foodies

While nothing can beat home food, sometimes the food from a restaurant seems more tempting, especially when you’re not in the mood to cook. Chennai Foodies explores various restaurants, swaps reviews between the members and technically gets you to delve deeper into the food lifestyle in Chennai.

chennai foodies

5. The Indian Food Freak

They regard themselves as a tribe. Liking ‘desi food’ is not good enough, you have to be obsessed about it. If you fit this profile, then you’re the perfect candidate to enter the tribe. Reviews, photos, recipes, or just any tiny piece of news on food and it’ll come up in here.  It should be Indian, original and awesome.

indian food freak