5 Edible Boat Recipes In Honor Of Columbus Day

Precisely 523 years ago on this very date (October 12th), Chrisopher Columbus arrived in the Americas. Celebrated as Columbus Day in the US – and by various other names in other parts of the then ‘America’ – the day commemorates the finding of this land.

To have a tine foodilicious celebration of our own on this day, we’ve put together 5 food boat recipe, because Columbus sailed in in a ship, get it? Enjoy!


  1. Banana Boat

Melted banana topped with chocolate, peanuts butter and crunchy toppings. Oh and all this is inside a banana peel!


  1. Cheese Zucchini Boats

A flavorsome and cheesy zucchini boat.


  1. Bacon Wrapped Potato Boats

A huge chunk of deadly carbohydrates but did you know that Columbus and his men swore by carbs for strength.


  1. Baked Egg & Bacon Boat

The perfect boat for a sumptuous Sunday breakfast.


  1. Sweet Potato Boat

As nutritious and healthy as a boat can get.