5 Easy Ways To Get Customers To Keep Coming Back To Your Restaurant

Loyalty at its best

You’ve taken the step. You’ve opened up your own restaurant. You’ve worked hard for god knows how many months, and your blood, sweat and tears are evident in every detail of the restaurant. Now, for the next step, you need to make your customers happy and keep coming back for more. 

A study conducted by Marketing Metrics explains that are 50% more like to sell to an existing customers that a new one. In fact, marketing to a new customer is almost 7 times more expensive than maintaining an existing customer. 


So how would you do succeed in converting new customers into loyal customers? Let’s take a look at 5 ways you could achieve this. 

Starting your own loyalty program 

This is the most logical step you could take. By rewarding your customers for their loyalty, you’re encouraging them to keep coming back. It’s a little incentive for them apart from the great food you offer. 

It also aims to strengthen the bond with your customers. It’s different from one-time coupons as it inspires customer to repeatedly visit. Here are a few ways you can incorporate a loyalty program 


Punch Cards: Every time, a customer comes in, hand him or her a printed card they can bring in every time they visit. They get a hole punched and when the card becomes full, there’s a reward in store for them 

Loyalty Card: It’s a plastic card similar to a credit card which houses a bar code. It keeps track of the purchases and rewards are calculated electronically. A great way to get your customers to come back. 

Always provide great service 

According to a study conducted by Sales Force, 81 % of consumers are like to return to a company if they’ve received good service. Great customer service is the one of the best ways to ensure your customers keep coming back. the cliche – the customer is always right is true in this instance. 

And remember to always ask your customers for feedback that you can work upon. 

Waiter! This, This and That.

Make sure to have Online Ordering and Pick-Up Options

Not everyone wants to make the effort to eat out, but that doesn’t mean they love to cook. Make sure you have options for busy diners to pick up food from your restaurant or stay at home diners who can order food online.

In this way, you offer your customer a flexible and easy ordering option, making it easy to keep coming back. 

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Have an email list of your customers 

This helps in making sure that you’re always on the customers mind every time they are thinking of going for a night out. Invite all your new customers to join your mail list and periodically remind them about your loyalty programs, special events, announce new menu items and share some handy tips. Once in a while, throw in a special deal and watch your new customers turn into repeat customers. 

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Follow up with your Customer 

This is a simple way to let your customers know that you care. Send a short to the point email thanking your diner for their visit and send it to them no more than two days after they’ve eaten at your restaurant.