5 Easy Homemade Snacks you can try this Ayudha Pooja

It’s that time of the year again when you have to avoid non-vegetarian food and food cooked with onions and garlic. The diet might seem a bit trying, but hold on, you’re almost at the end! And meanwhile, we’ve got some traditional snack suggestions for you that you could make at home this Ayudha Pooja!

1. Sundal

This dish of chickpeas tossed in oil, mustard seeds, crunchy urad dal and curry leaves is a traditional Navarathri special. Variations that you could use on the different days of the Pooja include Peanut Sundal, Pattani (green peas) Sundal, Black Chickpea Sundal, and Green Gram Sundal. Find the recipe for this easy snack here!

2. Vada

This famous South Indian snack is an everyday crunchy favourite, apart from being an apt snack for Pooja days. Made with a soaked batter of urad dal and rice flour and fried to crisp perfection, the Vada will satisfy your evening hunger pangs. And now that readymade Vada batter is available in the market, it can become an instant ready-to-fry snack. Find the recipe for this crunchy treat here!

3. Payasam

Indian festivals are synonymous with sweet treats, and Ayudha Pooja is no exception. Payasam is a sinfully sweet delight with vermicili soaked in milk, ghee and sugar and tossed with dried fruits and fried nuts. Vermicilli can also be substituted with Dal as well. Find out how to make it here!

4. Chakkara Pongal

Why stop with having chakkara Pongal only once every year on Pongal? Made with fluffy boiled rice steamed with jaggery and raisins, this is a perfect breakfast or snack option to satisfy your sweet cravings during the Pooja holidays. If you’re excited to try it, find the recipe here!

5. Suyam

Suyam is a flour batter-fried version of the modak, adding the crunchy and crisp element to the otherwise soft modak. This is easy to make at home, and makes for the perfect ayudha Pooja snack! Figure out how you can make this sweet treat here!