5 Delis in Mumbai For All Your Meaty Needs 

While pre-packaged, processed sausages, salami and bacon have their place in terms of convenience, a true meat lover will attest that there’s nothing like fresh cold cuts. If you’re in Mumbai, finding a deli that stocks cold cuts can prove to be quite a challenge; unlike countries abroad, India has yet to have a deli on every second corner. However, being a voracious meat eater I have discovered a few places that sell fresh, delicious cold cuts, and I’ve decided to let you in on my secret five. 

1) Indigo Deli


Indigo Deli is popular across the city for its delicious food and brilliant range of wines. When they’re stuffed with good food and buzzing with a few glasses of sangria, patrons may not notice the counter at the back of the restaurant selling smoked ham, sausages and salami. The staff will be happy to let you sample a slice of each meat before you make your selection. 

2) WestSide


WestSide has made a name for itself for selling good quality, reasonably priced clothing and accessories. However, the Fort branch has a gourmet food store that stocks a range of fresh cold cuts each morning along with some exotic cheeses

3) FoodHall at Palladium


FoodHall is the go to store for every foodie and cook. It’s one of the few stores that sources foreign, exotic ingredients and has a live sushi counter as well as a counter for sweet meats. It also has a counter for cold cuts like barbeque smoked ham, pepper salami and bratwurst. 

4) Farm Products

farm products

Farm Products is a butcher that prides itself in serving the freshest meats possible. It cuts its own cold cuts, and I can personally vouch that its pork sausages and maple smoked ham are worth travelling all the way to South Mumbai for.

5) Godrej Nature’s Basket

Spanish chorizo sausage with rosemary on rustic board

This one is not so secret, but warrants a mention because of its selection of cold cuts that are made in a variety of styles. Among them is the Parma ham, smoked chorizo, Naples salami and apple infused ham.