5 Cooking Tips To Help You Master The Kitchen

Cooking isn’t an exact science. It comes naturally to some and for others boiling water might be considered a mistake prone experience. Cooking can be mastered when you keep at it and experiment with your own personal twist and some borrowed tips from others.

 Here are 5 suggestions that can help you rule the kitchen and make it your own.

Slicing And Dicing

Cutting vegetables like the chefs on television may look difficult. But the key to chopping any vegetable is your knife. Dull knives are more difficult to cut with and cause more injuries than sharp ones. Cutting through vegetables like onions with a sharp knife ensures that you don’t crush the cells and lose the flavor present. Lachrymators, the chemical compound present in onions, which makes your eyes watery, is released more quickly when the cells are crushed. Sharp knives, less tears.

Slicing Onions

Read Recipes Before Cooking

If you have seen any cooking show on television, you might have noticed the ingredients all cut up and ready to go. It helps in following this method at home so that you don’t forget to include any ingredient making the beautiful dish you are cooking dull. Create a mise en place before you begin the process and the cooking will be much faster and efficient.

Mise En Place

Fish Loves The Pan  

Frying up a beautiful piece of fish could be intimidating since it can fall apart by sticking to your pan. The moisture present in the fish reacts with the pan at a molecular level and as the fish becomes tender, it easily breaks or sticks to the pan. The key to preventing this from happening is to make sure you remove the moisture with a paper towel before putting it in the pan. Hold a metal spatula over the fish for the first minute or two helping it to set its shape. It helps in preventing the fish from breaking or sticking to the pan.


Scramble The Eggs With A Plan

Scrambled eggs are the easiest dish you can prepare. It can also be the mother of all burnt dishes. Scrambled eggs should be cooked until it becomes creamy and light, not dry. You can prevent this by dropping the eggs on the pan set at a low flame and carefully using a spoon to drag the egg to the middle, without stirring it vigorously. The key to perfectly cooked fluffy scrambled eggs is to remove them from the pan when it is still slightly undercooked. The heat present will finish cooking the eggs.


Steak Is The Bomb

Everyone loves a good steak. Cooking it at home could be a problem for many because of the moisture content present in it. The proper method to cook a steak is to salt it and set it aside for 45 minutes. When you salt a steak, it reacts with the moisture present, forming a liquid discharge on the surface of the steak. That will cause significant problems when put on a grill. The key is to let the meat rest for at least 30-45 minutes. The salt breaks down a meat protein called niacin, helping in keeping the moisture inside the steak. You’ll end up with a nice juicy piece of meat on your plate.