5 Buffets in Mumbai for the Meat Lover

As many of my friends would vouch for, I’m a complete carnivore. Give me a plate piled with chicken, mutton and beef and I’ll be smiling and patting my tummy all day long. You can image my delight then, when I’m unleashed on an all you can eat buffet – cold cuts, tandoori chicken and prawns, grilled fish – my heart starts palpitating. In the spirit of meat and meat-lovers, here’s my not so secret list of buffets in Mumbai for the ultimate meat lover.

1) Global Fusion

Where: Bandra & Andheri

global fusion

Global fusion is a sushi lover’s heaven. Row upon row of all kinds of sushi and sashimi await you, along with piles of dumplings, soups and salads (featuring beautiful cold cuts of course). The restaurant has open cooking stations, so you can watch chefs prepare their signature dishes, which include baked crab, pepper chicken and tempura prawns. Along with your meal you get unlimited soft drinks.

2) O22 at The Trident

Where: Bandra Kurla Complex


Another place for sushi lovers, O22 has an interactive sushi bar that allows you to watch your sushi being made. It is best known for its Sunday brunch menu, which has a range of egg stations and a variety of cured meats.

3) Blue Frog

Where: Lower Parel


While you may be more familiar with Blue Frog because of its music scene, it’s another place to head to for a great Sunday brunch. Tap your feet to the live band of the week as you enjoy the meat platters, seafood salads and grilled foods that include lamb, beef chicken and fish.

4) Barbeque Nation

Where: Worli, Andheri, Bandra Kurla Complex, Nerul & Thane


If you like grills, then find the nearest Barbeque Nation outlet and make a reservation straight away. Each table is equipped with its own miniature grill. A server will bring over skewers of different meats and a choice of marinades that you can coat them with. Give it a few minutes on the grill and voila – your very own preparation of grilled perfection! I’d recommend you skip the main buffet and stuff yourself with the grilled fare.

5) All Stir Fry at Gordon House Hotel

Where: Colaba

gordon house

All Stir Fry is famous for its wok; a buffet spread of raw meats, vegetables and noodles. Pay the fixed amount (tell your server you want the wok), and you’re given an empty bowl that you can fill with whatever your heart desires from the spread. Then hand it over to a chef, at the live cooking station, tell him what sauces you want and within a few minutes your meal is ready. Polish it off, and then head back for another round of selection and cooking. I once had a bowl of squid, beef, prawns, chicken and ham tossed in soy and chilli garlic sauce, sans any noodles or vegetables. The chef was amused.