Indian spices have forever been of great attraction to the entire world. They lured in the Dutch, the French, and the British, who spread the taste far and wide. Meanwhile in India itself, the spices have continued to add bright colors and rich aromas to the Indian cuisine and culture, in general.
Mumbai is the gateway to all the spice and vibrancy, India has in store for you. This food and culture metropolis of India is the hub for restaurants which serve cuisines and entertain visitors from all over the world with open arms. What falafel patties are to Dubai, masala dosa is to India. The beauty of Mumbai is that it presents both to locals and guests keeping intact the original taste. The grandeur of restaurants in Mumbai exceeds all praise in terms of chefs, services, and infrastructure. Anyone wishing to have a lavish, scrumptious meal in an elite environment will be nothing short of amazed as he/she enjoys Mumbaikar hospitality at the following restaurants.
1. Indigo
Indigo outdoes all competition by a good margin. Having won numerous awards for its European-Asian cuisine, fine minimalist décor, and a dramatic location as the icing to the cake, it is an obvious choice of renowned politicians and celebrities. It is set in a posh modernized colonial bungalow and offers a wine list which appeals straight to the heart.
2. Dome
Dome faces the breathtaking view of the Mumbai skyline and entails an unmatched contemporary, chic ambience. The rooftop restaurant opens only after 5 p.m. and takes great pride in its cocktails and food pairings. The cool breeze rising from the great expanse of the Arabian Sea adds to the dramatic touch of the restaurant which stays with everyone who has ever been to the place.
3. Olive Bar and Kitchen
Olive Bar and Kitchen is definitely a Bollywood celebrities’ favorite. And why would it be not? The romantic sitting and lighting arrangement are straight out of a Bollywood movie, catering to the needs of all those who love to eat and those who live to eat. Lebanese, Italian, European, Continental, you name it! They have it all and straight from the heaven. Bless you, chefs of Olive Bar and Kitchen.
4. Golden Dragon
To set the stage, it’s a grand Chinese restaurant serving dishes from the core of Chinese cuisine at the heart of India, the Taj Mahal Palace. Interesting, isn’t it? This restaurant was the first to introduce India to fiery Szechuan dishes from south-west China. It is believed that the Buddhist altar at the entrance bestows good luck, health, and prosperity upon arrival of the guests so that they may enjoy food in peace. The dining halls are bathed in grand décor of the Orient.
5. Ziya
Staying true to its Indian origins, Oberoi Hotel’s signature restaurant makes use of exotic spices and aromatic herbs of the East. Run and supervised by renowned Indian chef, Vineet Bhattia himself, the kitchen is always bustling with the excitement of amalgamation of uncanny ingredients and innovation in presenting the dishes. Elegantly furnished and relaxingly lighted, this place is going to treat you to unique dishes that will get your taste buds tingling for more.
(Photo credits: Shutterstock)