5 Best Non-Vegetarian Restaurants in the Nagpur City

A food lover is always in search for the delicious and finger licking food. Dining in various restaurants and experiencing the varieties of taste is always an attractive invitation for them.

Last weekend we had friend’s reunion. After, years we schoolmates met and had fun and gossips. The best memories we recalled was sharing our lunch.



“Yummy, delicious, it’s spicy, ummm it’s savour, my favourite, yes, I was looking for it, I love sweets, and many more,” these all phrases were repeated once again in repeated tone and loudly while we all were dining in PURAN SINGH DHABA and RESTAURANT on wardha road. Our bellies were growling with hunger and we could not stop our mouth watering on the varieties of food served. I should admit it was absolutely one of the great experiences of licking fingers in the best restaurant. The best quality food served punctually. The menus having the largest choice perspective and food is delightfully delicious to meet the taste. Dining out with schoolmates was exciting but the taste and prompted service and hygiene of the place really made it our wonderful and memorable meeting.



Food is the necessity of every hungry belly and living beings crave for it. Any kind of meetings, parties, or family functions are not complete without food stalls. I remember one of the lunch invitations with my family. We went to ARABIAN DAWAT, mangalwari complex. Swear to its taste, truly the food was delicious. The stuffed parathas were rich in taste. It is the right place for a foodie. Best non-vegetarian restaurant in Nagpur for pocket friendly non-veg food.



When I am just relating the food story, I simply can’t stay mute on that most exciting incident that took place when we college friends went for night out. Yes, it was summer holidays and after long scorching day, it’s really tiring and no enthusiasm left to meet with friends. It was time we didn’t have any short outing. So a night out was planned to relaxed from the hottest days. While reaching to the destination we planned to dine at HOTEL SHAHEEN INTERNATIONAL at hingna road. This food stop was recommended by some of our relatives as were the regular stoppers to this place. Putting hands on a flattened belly, we were actually hungry, went inside. As the name shows international, our mind also gets prepared for international non-veg food recipes. Background music was pleasing and our bellies remained no more flattened. The food and service both were appreciable equally. For great service, we need to pay great.



One fine evening, when monsoon was showering musically, I was dragged by my friend for surprise advanced birthday party. As he was aware of my taste, he threw me in PAANCH PHORON restaurant. A person fond of Bengali taste and sweets can sure visit this restaurant. I am crazy for fish plates and treat over here was a wonderful gift for me. The food was delicious and tasty. The beautiful presentation of the sweets attracted me.


A non-veg foodie can easily provide the list of famous non-veg restaurants in Nagpur. Whenever we have occasional family parties, majority votes for APSARA BAR and RESTAURANT. Comfortable for all ages, one can enjoy to its fullest, the food and fluids.

Considering the best non-veg restaurants in quality and quantity of food, many concentrate on service, cost, interior, suitable for family gatherings as it includes the crowd of all ages. Try different restaurants and serve your food craves to its best.