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5 Baking Recipes you need to pull out of the cupboard for World Baking Day


Good morning fellow foodies and Happy World Baking Day!

“What?”, “Baking day, did you say?”

The world baking day is a day when you make a pledge to bake for someone special in your life, to let them know they’re appreciated. Around the world, people have already made pledges about who they are baking for, such as the ones that follow.

Selma: “Selma is baking for her best friend because she’d ditch a date with Bradley Cooper to be a shoulder to cry on.”

Elise: “Elise is baking for her dad because as well as a dad, he’s a painter, decorator, chauffeur, gardener, counselor, plumber and mortgage advisor.”

Did these make you feel warm and gooey inside? Make your loved ones feel the same by putting something warm and gooey inside them, like this apple pie, or the other recipes that follow.

Apple Pie  




 Head to the Sunday morning farmer’s market and stock up on apples to bake this delicious dessert.

New York Cheesecake 





 Celebrate baking day New York style with this indulgent cheesecake.

Chocolate Chip Cookies 





 Cookies! Chocolate chip cookies! Need we say more?

Chocolate Mud Cake 





 For an even larger chocolate overdose try this chocolate mud cake.

Key Lime Pie





If your loved one isn’t a fan of sweet treats then bake this pie instead.

Earl Grey Cookies

Here’s another one that’s not overly sweet. These cookies will bring a touch of class to any meal!

Bread Pudding

Literally break bread with your loved one with this bread pudding recipe.

No sugar brownies

Diabetics and dieters, we haven’t forgotten about you! This recipe is sugarless and gluten free.