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5 animals that are eaten alive. No, don’t close your eyes.


1. Octopus

Have you ever seen something wriggling in your plate and said, ‘Oh, time to eat’. In Korea, the Sannakji follows that story. The live octopus is prepared whole or is cut into little pieces. The real test is to ensure that the octopus doesn’t tragically die during the “seasame seasoning” process.


2. Fish

Ikizukuri refers to ‘prepared live’. It is a type of Sashimi eaten in Japan. The cooking process in Ikizukuri is close to nil.

Once the customer chooses his/her preferred type of fish, the chef will immediately slice a select few pieces of the fish. This action however, does not kill the fish as you can still notice movement in the fish’s heart and mouth.


3. Shrimp 

Do you want some alcohol, shrimp? My treat.

In China, shrimps are doused in strong liquor so that they become drunk and their movements become sluggish. It makes the marinating process easier as the shrimps are too drunk to realize they’re being cooked for food.

eating shrimp alive

4. Oyster 

A cracked shell is the least of an oyster’s worry.

Till the oyster is completely separated from the shell, the oyster is still lasts a significant amount of time. It is preferred to quickly suck out the flesh from the shell and enjoy the tasty oysters.

eating oysters alive


5. Sea Urchin 

As they are devoid of a brain or a nervous system, the main indication of a living sea urchin is its moving spikes.

Both the flavour and texture are supposed to be much better when sea urchins are eaten live.

Sea Urchin eaten alive