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5 Airbnb Kitchens that are worth travelling around the World for


Have you ever wished and dreamed of having a house by the countryside, a kitchen overlooking beautiful green grass and a beautiful, luxurious oven? Well, we have too. And then sighed at the thought of the hole it will burn in our imaginary wallet with tons of money. We sigh again, look away and walk towards our cramped up kitchen and heat up left over pizza in a microwave that has seen better days. 

But then we came across this wonderful article on Daily Meal that gave our hopes renewed vigor. They gave us a list of 5 beautiful Airbnb kitchens around the world. If you’re planning a holiday sometime soon to New York, Mexico, Paris or Italy, we have the perfect kitchen for you to live out your cooking fantasies. 

Sophisticated Kitchen in Paris

A bright, red kitchen that is guaranteed to fulfill the dreams of any food lover. 

A Kitchen by the Countryside in Tuscany

The kitchen is a part of a large luxurious villa in Tuscany. Cook away while looking over the countryside and enjoying the fresh air. 

A Penthouse Kitchen in Mexico 

Enjoy breathtaking views of Mexico City in this modern, sunlit kitchen. Tortillas for the win? 

Rustic Kitchen in New York City 

Be transported back in time in this kitchen complete with a gas stove,large farmhouse style table, and a wood burning fireplace. 

Colonial Cabin in New York 

A complete kitchen in this beautiful cabin.