Here’s Why You Cannot Have A Hangover In North Korea

Recently the world nearly fainted when North Korea announced its supposed hydrogen bomb test. But turns out Kim Jon Un too likes to enjoy his Friday nights, as is evident by the country’s latest invention, a revolutionary liquor that won’t leave you hungover the morning after.


The Recipe

As reported by Pyongyang Times, a state-run newspaper, the “suave” malt is made from ginseng extract, and uses glutinous rice in place of sugar.

This secret blend of six-year-old ginseng and “scorched rice,” is what makes the alcohol hangover-free, the article stated.Korean_Ginseng_Extract


Alcohol Content

Manufactured by the Taedonggang Foodstuff Factory, Koryo Liquor allegedly contains 30%-40% alcohol by volume. That, my friends, is not a small percentage. To give you a better perspective here’s the alcohol content in some popular poisons.M_NEWpercent_alcohol

So the liquor contains more alcohol than wine and beer, almost as much as vodka, but is less potent than gin, rum, tequila, brandy and whiskey.


Scientific Facts

Interestingly, even though hangovers are a popular side effect of drinking, scientists have till date been unable to determine as to what exactly causes it!

In 2015, experts from Netherlands and Canada performed a study on drunken students. They established that hangovers don’t have anything to with dehydration, and the only way to avoid one is to drink less.

Is that why, Koryo won’t cause hangovers? Because people will find it so obnoxiously awful tasting that they won’t down much? Although, to be fair, in 2014, a South Korean study suggested that red ginseng might alleviate hangover symptoms in healthy men.North-Korea-hangover-free-alcohol-3


Anywho, Koryo Liquor has been a huge success, and has even been recorded as a “national scientific and technological hit” across the North Korea, coming first in the food sector festival, Pyongyang Times reported.