Experience The Glorious Latin Culture At Latin Food Festival In Bengaluru


What do you say to some authentic Latin food along with dancing along to a salsa number? Bengaluru, this is your chance to experience the glorious culture of Latin America at the Latin Food Festival happening on January 17th. The festival will feature dishes from 12 different countries, salsa dancing classes and spectacular display of artworks from the beautiful countries of South America.

Latin culture is a blend of traditions and customs from different parts of the world coming together to form a distinct and unique way of life. Take a sneak peek into this beautiful culture to experience the history and get a new perspective on how people celebrate life. From the varieties of food, to the music and art, it is bound to be a unique cultural experience.

Latin Food Festival

Enjoy a spectacular feast of authentic home cooked meals straight from the nook and corners of South America. The display will feature food from countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela and Panama. So, if you are looking for some authentic burritos and tacos, drive past the local Taco Bell and visit the festival to experience what authentic Mexican dishes are all about. Just make sure to come before 3pm because of the limited supply of food available.

There is more than just food available. The Latin Food Festival will give you a unique experience of Latin culture with salsa dancing classes, fun activities for the kids and beautiful displays of artwork straight from South America.


The Latin Food Festival will take place at Prestige Ozone in Whitefield on Sunday, January 17 from 12PM to 7PM. Want an extra incentive to attend this festival? All the proceeds from the festival will go towards supporting kids from mentally challenged orphanage in Bangalore. What better way to spend your Sunday?