Here’s How You Can Actually Fulfill That ‘Healthy Eating’ Resolution in 2016

It’s the story of the masses; every year a multitude of people promise themselves that they will start eating better in the New Year. For a week, they adhere to their diets and then – and they’re not really sure how it happened – they find themselves at McDonalds with a supersized order of fries and a large Coke. This year, we’ve put together some tips that twill help you make a real change. Are you ready to improve your eating habits?

Tip # 1 – Don’t Be Too Strict


So you want to start eating more vegetables and less fast food. Brilliant. However, don’t go to the extreme of cutting out all meat or fast food in your life. Quitting cold turkey will just make you crave the said foods more. Instead, gradually start decreasing portions of whatever you’re trying to reduce in your diet.

Tip # 2 – Have Some Recipes Up Your Sleeve


If you’ve never eaten healthy before, you probably don’t have very many healthy recipes in your repertoire. Practice a few until you become a pro at them and you’ll be excited for meal times. Try these salad recipes to start!

Tip # 3 – Find Some Healthy Eateries


When you’re too lazy to cook, you can still order in. However, choose to order healthy takeout instead of fast food. Do a quick search on the web for healthy eateries in your city – we’re sure you’ll find an extensive list.

Tip # 4 – Consult A Dietitian


Very often, people on health kicks decided to try out specific diets, like the Paleo or soup diet. While these work for some people, it may seriously mess with the systems of others. Pay a visit to a nutritionist or dietician, tell them about your desire to eat better and allow them to help chart out a meal plan for that works best you and your body. You’ll also be more likely to stick to it when there is expert advice involved!

Tip # 5 – Be Kind To Yourself


Don’t berate yourself if you mess up sometimes and give in to candy or fast food cravings. Have a cheat day once a week where you indulge a little and then stick to your plan for the other six days.