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The 40 Best Burgers in Bangalore for the Burger Journey of a Lifetime


Burgers are the ultimate comfort food. They embody in one patty and two buns everything that is right in the world. And we, at HungryForever just had to put together a list for you to go on the ultimate burger crawl. 

Now, we warn you this is serious. You need to be prepped right down to the stretchable jogging pants. So head on out, focus. We are right there with you! 

1.  All American Cheese Burger at Truffles 

Also known as Ice and Spice, Truffles serves some of the best burgers in town. If you’re really hungry, go for their XXL Burger. We dare you to finish it. 


2. Grilled Lamb Burger at Bistro Claytopia 

They have create-your-own clay figures for you to have an activity while punching on some juicy burgers!


3. OMG Burger at Church Street Social

A Supersized burger with two tenderloin patties. Yes, its super greasy and super yummy.


4. Grilled Pulled Chicken Burger at Smoked Out Barbecue

Top it with a fried egg and you’re all set for a food-gasm. 


5. The Chicken Steak Burger at Hole in the Wall Cafe 

A quaint hole in the wall that serves you (w)holesome burger!

6. Monster Steak Burger at Peppa Zzing 

It’s a monster of a burger and extremely delicious. 


7. 46ers Half Pounder Filler Burger at Millers Forty Six

Medium rare, greasy bun and a really fulsome taste about it.


8. Classic Bacon Burger at Chili’s

A meat patty that is seared to perfection and topped with bacon 


9. Big Time Burger at Mangrove

You’ve hit it big time with this juicy avacado and onion topped burger!


10. Legendary 10 oz Burger at Hard Rock Cafe 

When we say its world famous, it is actually world famous. 


11.The All Time Favourite Burger at The Lost Caravan 

It’s called that for a reason. Take a bite and you will know why. Read all about our visit to Lost Caravan here.


12. No Frills Bun N Meat Burger at Smoke House Deli 

A no-nonsense burger that just takes you back to the basics. 

smoke house deli

13. Mediterranean Lamb Burger at Arbor Brewing Company 

What goes better with your burger than a freshly brewed mug of Arbor Beer?

arbor brewing company

14. Bacon n Cheese Burger at Red Fork Contemporary Cafe 

The two vices of life put together in a mouth-watering burger 


15. Double Cheese Burger at Windmills Craftworks 

No, one helping of cheese isn’t enough for us. 

double cheese burger

16. The Whopper Burger at The Only Place 

Their big whopper will whoop you to your feet. Read about our spectacular visit to the Only Place here


17. Bacon Burger at Jethros 

They have a bacon burger which is to die for. 


18. Moo’s Your Daddy at Cafe Thulp 

We don’t mean to be dirty but this is as dirty a burger as it gets. 


19. The “A & A” Burger BYLI – Bet You Love It

Pulled chicken chilli topped with crispy chicken ham. Need we say more?


20. Lamb Burger at Monkey Bar 

Lamb that is marinated in rosemary and garlic seared to perfection and served. You got that right!

monkey bar

21. Juicy Lucy at Plan B 

Their Juicy Lucy Burger is so good you will want to jump in it. 


22. All-American Cheese Burger SWAT Food Truck 

You have to eat it to believe it. 


23. Italian Chicken Sliders at Big Kahuna 

These are mini-burgers so its a perfect snack in between burgers. 


24. TBR Big Nasty at The Black Rabbit 

Nasty is as nasty gets.


25. Crispy Chicken Burger at Smally’s Resto Cafe 

It might be small but it’s serves a whopper of a burger. 


26. Signature Portland Beef Burger at Portland Steakhouse Cafe 

Be prepared to get burger-ed off your feet. 


27. Boozy Peri Peri Chicken Burger at The Boozy Griffin 

This is part of their  Boozy Burger Fest till July 12th. Now you know when to plan your burger crawl. 


28. Grilled Tofu Burger at Green Theory 

Vegetarians, we did not forget you. You have the right to enjoy burgers just as anybody else.


29. Fish Fillet Burger at The Fat Chef 

For the fish-tarian, this is the ultimate fish burger. 


30. Lamb Burger at Boondock Bistro 

It’s basic but its goood. 


31. Chicken Breast Fillet Burger at Nando’s 

Ask for extra hot and feel your tongue go on fire. It’s worth it. 


32. The Naughty Lucy Chicken Burger at Dunkin’ Donuts 

Lucy just got naughty and we love it! 


33. Beef and Bacon Cheeseburger at Cup O’ Joe 

It’s got beef and it’s got bacon. Do you need anything more?


34. Ultimate Jack Daniel’s Tenderloin Burger at TGI Fridays

You know this one is going to be good. It’s marinated in JD, of course it is. 

It's Friday, Friday!

35. The Egg Burger at The Egg Factory 

We couldn’t leave the egg-tarians behind, could we?


36. Cheese Burger at Grubnomic 

Juicy and Cheesy – just the way we like it.


37. Grilled Chicken Burger at Prost Brew Pub

Grill it like its hot!


38. The Fat Boy at 154 Breakfast Club 

We love the name and the burger!

Do the burger jig!

39. Praise the Lard Burger at The Fat Fanny’s Cafe

The divinity that is the pulled pork burger. 

the fat fannys cafe

40. The Super Burger at Connie’s Restaurant & Steakhouse 

 This burger is so good it will actually touch your soul.

connies restaurant

We give photo credits to all our favourite Zomatoers, our staff and of course, stock when nothing else surfaced. If you have anything to add to the list, do comment below!