4 of China’s Biggest Food Scandals in 2015

Each year, China seems to have another new food scandal crop us. So much so, that its become infamous with news outlets. In a survey conducted by Forbes, in 2014 in China, the Supreme People’s Court convicted 2,647 individuals with charges related to food safety in a total of over 2,000 cases.

However the Chinese Government is trying their best to take steps to curb food related safety issues. On October 1st, this year, China has implemented a new food safety law which includes stricter punishments for offenders and bans on toxic pesticides. 


Although the law is in effect, according to the BBC, many don’t believe that they will be seeing improvement quickly. 

Let’s take a look at some of China’s biggest food scandals this year. 


In January, news broke out that meat was being served from diseased pigs bough by syndicates at discount rates from farmers when Chinese officials seized over 1,000 tons of contaminated port and 48 tons of unsafe cooking oil. The operation by the Chinese officials started over a year ago and spanned to more than 11 provinces. 


Infant Formula 

In a tragic reminder of 2008’s scandal of contaminated milk that sickened over 54,000 children and killed at least four, three producers of powdered milk for infants in the region of Shaanxi were asked to recall products that revealed to have inordinate nitrate levels when tester. This recall was a lot less widespread than 2008’s tragic scandal. 

Ga ga, goo. I just found a cricket.


In the province of Zhejiang, a vendor is still being investigated on the possibility that he injected gelatine into shrimp to make them appear fuller. In fact, it’s an unspoken rule in China to not buy anything that looks extremely fresh as it could be due to additives and chemicals 



Earlier this summer, Chinese authorities seized over 100,000 tons of smuggled meat. Some of this aged meat was reportedly over 40 years old. The entire meat was estimated to be around $483 million and had been thawed and refrozen several times over.