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4 Berry Drinks you can Sip on this Week


There’s something about Berry

Berries, happy little things, they are. If your not a berry-person, please let us introduce you to these fine ladies. They’re your new best friends. They’re good for the heart, supposed to keep your mind sharp and boost immunity. Now that’s four good reasons for me dunk my face in this very berry smoothie. The fourth being they’re absolutely de-lish in cake, muffins, breads, candy and detox juices. So why’re you missing out on all the fun? It’s summer, and berry’s all you need. 

1.Stress Busting Blueberry Smoothie 

healthy blueberry smoothie


Nothing like a high speed blender to make you feel all good about yourself. What’s better is that it’s absolutely healthy for you.

2.Berry and Kale Smoothie 

Berry Up!

Yummy berry tang with the goodness of kale. A must-have on one of those I-feel-healthy-days.

3.Strawberry Lemonade Iced Tea 

Oh, Strawberry, stop making me blush!

So heavenly and refreshing. Like breeze in a cup.

4.Strawberry Smoothie 

healthy strawberry smoothie recipe

Pure berry awesomeness- is what this smoothie is made of.