360 The Wellness Concept Will Host A Super Food Festival This Weekend: Here’s What You Should Know

In the past few years, people have begun to pay much closer attention to what they choose to eat. They’ve ditched junk and processed foods in favour of organic, more healthy fare trusting that this choice will improve their overall health. In today’s world, therefore super foods rule supreme.

Loosely defined, a super food is a type of food packed with a plethora of nutrients and minerals that help the body function better. Popular super foods include chia seeds, avocados, blueberries and Greek yogurt.

360 The Wellness Concept Will Host A Super Food Festival This Weekend: Here’s What You Should Know

In celebration of the power of super foods, 360 The Wellness Concept is hosting a Super Food Festival powered by Rostaa in Mumbai this weekend. The festival, which will be held on Sunday the 5th at Colaba’s Radio Club and give visitors a healthy dose of sea air, the chance to explore healthy food brands and attend celebrity workshops which will teach them all about eating right.

“(360 The Wellness Concept is) “a company formed by the journey the three of us have had. In our little ways, we bring about a love for wellness to all age groups from children to adults through our festivals,” said Soni Sajnani a Co-Founder of 360 The Wellness Concept, to us.

“If we are what we eat, then it should be the most important thing!” said Pranaya Gidwani, a Co-Founder of 360 The Wellness Concept, when we asked how important healthy eating is to overall wellness. “Having said that, we’ve also realised that when the experience of being healthy can be fun, it’s also more sustainable. That’s why, our lens of ‘wellness made fun’ is integral to all that we do,” she added.

The Super Food Festival, therefore will be just that; a festival that will make healthy eating and overall wellness fun. “The festival creates an experience, it will evoke emotion and it will bring happiness – because good food has a way of doing just that,” said Pranaya. “People will learn and find themselves inspired through all the workshops and handpicked brands and great food they will be surrounded by. Even children will develop a fondness and curiosity for being healthy!”

Look Forward To…

What can you expect from the Festival? A collection of stalls from participating brands including Godrej Nature’s Basket, The Indian Bean – which will be hosting a cofffe brewing workshop, the Ministry of Salads, Garde Manger Cafe – which will have a live cooking station offering zoodle salads and cous cous salds – Millk, which will host a workshop for children, Mo’s Kefir, Little Treats and Beelicious.

360 The Wellness Concept Will Host A Super Food Festival This Weekend: Here’s What You Should Know

“You will find a range of healthy food brands, restaurant/cafe pop ups all making way for delicious yet healthy food. Vibe Liqueteria, Ministry of Salads to name a few. We bring a holistic lens to our festivals – so look out for the little detailing. From Mo’s Kefir making food for the gut with her super healthy probiotic drink, to a Superfood 101 workshop with Chef Chinu, to everyday Ayurveda with Amrita Kaur and even dad and child cooking with Chef Irfan… We even aim to bring perfection to the small daily routines – like a coffee brewing workshop with Kunal Ross of the Indian Bean or making good food look beautiful through food art with Karishma Sakhrani. Wine and cheese pairing, a beer garden, and live music always keep the spirits high too – no pun intended!” said Nipa Asharam, a Co-Founder of 360 The Wellness Concept.

As Nipa said, the Festival will see several familiar faces from the health food scene conducting workshops.  Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal the Founder of APB Cook Studio for instance, will be hosting a workshop to help you “Discover Indian Superfoods”, which will teach you about the super food appeal of haldi, curry leaves, lobia and shinga. “Health food in India is a trend that is growing exponentially. Which is great since we are, unfortunately leading as lifestyle disease capital of the world,” said Rushina.

360 The Wellness Concept Will Host A Super Food Festival This Weekend: Here’s What You Should Know

Amrita Kaur, a food stylist and certified Ayurveda nutritionist will also be exploring a traditionally Indian approach to healthy eating by holding and ‘Everyday Ayurveda Session’ where she will discuss recipes that are good for each body type and discuss how to apply an Ayurvedic approach to cooking. “I’m absolutely elated with the fact that people are becoming so conscious and aware about what we are eating, where our ingredients coming from and what are we feeling post our meals. India is where Ayurveda was found, so we have the treasures it’s time we identify it and go back to our roots. With the cultural diversity we have, there’s so much food to explore and in their authentic form, it’s absolutely healthy and hearty food which we should be exploring even more,” she said.

360 The Wellness Concept Will Host A Super Food Festival This Weekend: Here’s What You Should Know

The festival will also see Master Chef India finalist, Karishma Sakhrani conducting a workshop to help master the art of entertaining with tricks, demos and recipe ideas. When asked about what she’s looking forward to most at the festival, she said “I’m especially looking forward to discovering new retail brands. 360 always has a great curated set of vendors, and being a chef I’m always foraging for new ingredients!”

Hippocrates, a celebrated Greek physician once said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” The 360 Super Food Festival will help you understand just how food can be the most powerful, enjoyable medicine you take; head to the Radio Club on Sunday and you can thank us later.