Dilli Diaries: 35 Famous Street Foods From Delhi & How They’re Made


Delhi’s street food is inclusive of a lot of regional favorites and likewise has a lot of regional versions as well. But how do you get a taste of the authentic aloo tikki, paratha, chaat, and bhalla? Simple, you refer to the experts and make it for yourself. Here are 35 signature grubs from the streets of Delhi with their recipe tagging along.


  1. Aloo Tikki Chaat

Spiced potato patties topped with delicious sauces and yogurt. Here’s an easy recipe to delight your palate.


  1. Kulle Ki Chaat

Also known as Kuliya ki Chaat, this is a delicious chaat served in emptied fruit and vegetable cups. Get the recipe here.


  1. Dahi Bhalle

Indulge in some yogurt soaked fluffed up lentil dumplings with Delhi’s signature chutneys and spices. Here’s an easy and delicious dahi bhalla recipe.


  1. Papdi Chaat

Munch on crunchy papdis laden with spiced yogurt dip and sauces. Here’s how you can make some papdi chaat at home.


  1. Gol Gappa/Paani Puri

Fried crunchy puris filled with tangy tamarind and chili-infused water. Here’s a recipe.


  1. Aloo ke Parathe

Although a North Indian staple, the aloo stuffed paratha is a whole other experience when had by the streets. Click here for the recipe.


  1. Samosa

Decadent spiced potato stuffing enveloped in a deep fried flour coating.


  1. Bread Pakora

Ardent Hindi cinema fans swear by this deep fried bread preparation. Literally.


  1. Ram Laddoo

A trip to the market is incomplete – almost illegal – without devouring a plateful of these puffed up lentil snacks.


  1. Jalebi

An indulgent tea session has to have a plate of tongue (and waist) destroying jalebis.


  1. Chhole Bhatoore

The big daddy of poori – bhatoora – and chickpeas flavored with Indian spices. Here’s an amazing chhole bhatoore recipe.


  1. Kulcha

Also known as Amritsari Aloo Kulcha, this potato filled puffed bread is a meal in itself.


  1. Steamed Momos

This might not be as good as Dolma Aunty’s but it saves a trip to Lajpat Nagar.


  1. Aloo Chaat

If you love spices, potato and hate any chutney-like obstacles, this is your go-to snack.


  1. Fruit Chaat

A filling and healthy chaat made of delicious fresh fruits.


  1. Vegetable Hakka Noodles

If it’s not soaked in soy sauce (or at least looks like it is), it ain’t street Chinese.


  1. Kathi Roll

An original from the streets of Kolkata, the kathi roll has found its way to the Delhi palates. And how!


  1. Egg Roll

Another member of the roll family, the egg roll is a popular snack on Delhi streets.


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  1. Chicken Tikka

Char grilled to perfection and served with delicious coriander chutney the chicken tikka always wins at the street food game.


  1. Fried Paratha (Parathe Wali Gali)

There’s paratha and then there is the paratha from this Old Delhi paratha hub. Deep fried and shouting out gluttony! So the trick is to stuff and ball up the kneaded flour as usual and roll them out. But instead of cooking it on a tawa, deep-fry them to crispy crunchy perfection.


  1. Pav Bhaji

Minced vegetables topped with a kilo of butter served with toasted (and of course, buttered) buns.


  1. Chur Chur Naan

The paratha derives its name from the fact that it is crushed well before serving.


  1. Paneer Tikka

With its char grilled edges and smokey flavor, the tandoori paneer tikka is a definite street party starter.


  1. Jhal Muri

A crunchy Bengali snack to munch on the go.


  1. Galouti Kebab

The Mughalai and Nawabi shadows remain to linger on Delhi’s street food choices and the galouti kebab is proof to that.


  1. Dimer Devil

Or the Dimer Chop, this deep fried deviled egg is the Indian version of English scotched eggs.


  1. Bhel Puri

A crunchy snack to satiate your spice buds. Try this recipe here.


  1. Stuffed Kachori

Deep fried stuffed Indian bread to jazz up your evenings.


  1. Paneer Roll

Called by several names in different parts of the Capital – bullet, ball, roll, cutlet and cheese ball – the paneer roll has the ability to stuff you up like a loving grandmother.


  1. Mughlai Paratha

A rich layered paratha stuffed with minced meat.


  1. Mutton Boti Kebab

A juicy and succulent mutton kebab that has – like a number of other Mughlai dishes – seeped in to the street food preferences of Delhi.


  1. Shawarma

A middle-easter snack, the Shawarma has made it big in Delhi with a number of food joints and street vendors pitching out the perfect roll everyday.


  1. Bedmi Poori

An original from the eastern wing of the Indian subcontinent, the Bedmi poori is a staple in many houses in the resgion.


  1. Kesar Kulfi

An absolute must have to finish off a sumptuous meal properly.


  1. Rabri Falooda

A mind numbingly delicious and sweet refresher to give you a delicious sugar rush.



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