30 years and Baking- Cakes N Bakes, since 1983

I still remember walking to Cakes N Bakes on the last day of school to pick out a lemon tart. Oh, and what a lemon tart that was! Buttery crust with sweet lemon curd filling and a tiny dot of red cream right in the centre. I was in heaven. 


I’m sure every Chennaite shares a fond memory with Cakes N Bakes. Even with all the new bakeries, there’s something about the charm that this little, quaint looking place offers. 

Squeezing into a tiny table at the back of the shop with a personal pizza on my plate, cheese and ketchup oozing out of it, I still remember my first bite. 

Thank you Cakes N Bakes, you’ve given me some of my first and best memories with cake.