15+ Recipes To Light Up Your Festivities


Happy Eating!

You know Diwali is round the corner when street lights are over shone by fairy lights and there are more wrapped boxes of sweets and dry fruits on your table than on your birthday. Yes, it’s Diwali, the festival of lights. So what if your electricity bill will be double than usual? So what if you’ll be 10 pounds heavier by the end of it? It’s Diwali. And here are 30 Diwali dishes to complete your celebration.



  1. Jalebi

Fresh from the kadhai, start your celebrations with a plateful of this twisted sweet.Jangiri


  1. Kheer

Lap up a bowlful of dry fruits, milk, sugar and rice. Because, Diwali.seviyan-kheer-recipe-for-raksha-bandhan


  1. Gujiya

Diwali is incomplete without this festive staple.Gujiya Recipe


  1. Besan Ladoo

Let’s not forget the likes of the notorious elephant-headed deity.Besan Ladoo Recipe Image


  1. Motichoor Ladoo

Glistening golden boondi bound together with ghee, spells out festivities.Ladoo Recipes - Varieties of Ladoo Diwali


  1. Coconut Ladoo

A dollop of yummy coconut to up the laddoo game.Coconur Ladoo Recipes


  1. Badam Pista Barfi

At least a kilo of barfi is a must for successful Diwali hogging.Badam Pista Barfi Recipe Image


  1. Kaju Katli

The universal go-to choice for barfi, Kaju Katli has to bedeck the sweets platter.Blue bell Kaju_katli_sweet_compressed


  1. Badam Halwa

A little more ghee and dry fruits never hurt a soul. At least on Diwali.feature-image-badam halwa


  1. Chocolate Gujiya

Move over plain gujiya, the 21st century gujiya is here!

Chocolate Gujiya by Flavour Basket


  1. Dry Fruits Roll

Roll up some delicious roasted dry fruits.

Dry Fruit Rolls – Indian Sweets Recipe


  1. Kulfi

Let the brain freeze kick in with this milky saffron-infused Indian ice cream.

Malai Kulfi Recipe – How to make Malai Kulfi


  1. Fig Mousse

A contemporary take on traditional English mousse with the added nuttiness of figs.

Yoghurt mousse with grape spoon sweet and fig nougat with honey


  1. Malpua

It’s not Diwali until you lick treacle off of your fingers.Malpua


  1. Laung Lata

A delicious mix of seet and salty, the laung lata is a persistent Diwali accomplice.

Lavang Latika recipe – How To Make Lavang Latika – Longlata Recipe


  1. Phirni

More saffron, more milk, more sugar and more dry fruits.

Phirni Recipe | Rice Pudding Recipe | Ganpati Special Recipe | Indian Sweets Recipe | Ruchi Bharani


  1. Gulab Jamun

It’s not festive enough until you destroy your taste buds with a scorching hot gulab jamun!Gulab Jamun



  1. Dahi Vada

Fluffy vadas soaked in spiced yogurt make for perfect mains and snacks as well.dahi vada recipe


  1. Matar Kachori

Matar stuffed kachori deep fried to perfection.

Peas Kachori – Quick And Crispy Snack Recipe By Ruchi Bharani


  1. Bedami Aloo

Your kachori needs a friend!

Bhandarewale Aloo ki Sabzi – Bhandara Style Aloo Sabzi – Langar Style Aloo Sabji


  1. Mullu Murukku

A batch of these savory babies goes a long way into accompanying you through winter tea sessions.Thenkuzhal Murukku


  1. Gathiya

Fry up these delicious Gujarai snacks to munch on as you loose all your saving in the traditional card playing.

Gathiya or Gathia – Recipe Video – Bhavnagri or Makhaniya – Indian namkeen snack


  1. Ratlami Sev

More deep fried munchies to chow down on.

how to make ratlami sev recipe in english subtitle.


  1. Bhakarwadi

A subtly spicy snack to bring down your sugar level after the excessive sweet binging.

Bhakarwadi | Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana


  1. Dhokla

A light fluffy snack for the guests to binge on.khaman dhokla Recipe


  1. Samosa

Steaming hot potato stuffed snacks to go with tea and talks.rsz_459883-samosa-by-tarla-dalal


  1. Noodles Pakora

Steaming hot batter fried grubs from the wok to stuff you up real good.

Noodles Pakora recipes – How to make crispy Noodles Pakora


  1. Tandoori Aloo

More potato to up the festive ante of your meal.


  1. Achari Paneer Tikka

A little experiment with cottage cheese goes a long way.


  1. Khandvi

Delicious salted Gujarati roll ups to go with other festive formalities.Khandvi



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