30 Places To Find Binge-Worthy Biriyani In Chennai

First, the aroma of the masala mixed made with a blend of spices, well roasted, gets you. The taste of the soft and slow-cooked aromatic basmati rice teases your tongue while the pieces of delicious juicy meat run the rest of the show. Magic does exist! How else does Biriyani taste so wonderful? With every street of Chennai having a Biriyani Centre it is quite a hectic task to differentiate the authentic ones from the posers! So, we have done the homework for you. Sit back and relax as we tour you around Chennai and enlighten you about the best Biriyani centres in Chennai! 

1. Hajeeras Kitchen, Perungudi


Hajeeras is exclusively for Biriyani hoggers. The rice is beautifully good to perfect spice and the sweets that they provide you with are also something to die for. Both side dishes and the biryanis are worth the money! One must definitely try this Biriyani in Chennai. 

2. Aasife Biriyani, all outlets

30 Places To Find Binge-Worthy Biriyani In Chennai

This place undoubtedly goes on the list of the top 5 biriyani centers in Chennai. With as many as 20 outlets across Chennai, the place is famous for both Chicken and Mutton Biriyani. One must also try the all you can eat buffet at this place, you will not be disappointed.

3. E.Sait, all outlets


E.Sait is another pocket-friendly restaurant that sells Biriyani for around 120 bucks. You will be left in a weird situation where you want to eat more because it’s too delicious but at the same time, can’t because you are too full.

4. Salem RR, East Tambaram


The Salem RR Biriyani centre in East Tambaram is another famous Biriyani centre that is popular among the students. Located near MCC, the place is always flooded to get a piece of that Chicken.

5. Dindigul Thalappakatti, all outlets


The authentic Dindigul Biriyani tastes great. The people who love spicy food will fall in love with this biriyani. The place offers its own style of cooking and the recipe has been preserved since 1957. 

6. Daawat Biriyani, Pallavaram


No one can beat Muslims in the art of Biryani making. The mutton biriyani offered here is some of the best that you will find in the city.

7. Arcot Biriyani, Porur


Arcot is known for its Biriyani and there’s definitely no reason to question the pride they take in it. The Biriyani is cheap and great with a difference in taste.

8. Mylai Biriyani, Kutchery Road


Mylapore is a place where you can find the best of all kinds of food right from coffee to Biriyani. This place offers decent biryani that can fill your tummy on a day when your pockets are empty.

9. Hyderabadi Biriyani, Chrompet

P327-P1-Veg Biriyani Family Pack

Hyderabadi Biryani is famous for its hatke method of preparation and it has definitely won the hearts of Chennaities. The Biriyani is spicy has a very distinct taste to it. It is one that all the Biriyani-lovers must try if you are looking for something new.

10. Moghul House, Royapettah


Most of them wouldn’t be aware of this place, but that’s what wr’re here for! You can find the tastiest budget-friendly mutton biryani here.

11. Bismi Biriyani, Nungambakkam

Hyderabadi Dum Chicken Biryani 5

A bit on the pricey side, but is totally worth it if you have got the money.

12. Sakku Bai Biriyani, Alandur


Tasty beef biriyani is a bit hard to find in Chennai because this place offers the best. This place gives the other restaurants a run for their money. Half KG of Beef Biriyani is only 100 and it tastes wonderful.

13. Charminar Biriyani, Besant Nagar


Charminar Biriyani is a small roadside shop that’s almost invisible if you aren’t looking for it. The crowd lined in front of the shop is sure to give you the heads up. The place is jam packed, so that your luck to taste the Biriyani wears out if you don’t make it early on time.

14. Ya Mohideen, Pallavaram


It is considered to the BEST place for Biriyani. With one visit to this place, you will understand why.

15. Junior Kuppanna, Pallavaram


Hotel Junior Kuppanna does not specialize in Biriyani but offers some of the best biriyanis you will ever taste. Unlike the exclusive Biriyani Centres, here one can find delicious sides to go with the delicious biryani.

16. Chennai Rawther Thalapakattu Biriyani


Rawther Biriyani is another chain of Biriyani Centres that one must try in Chennai. The place although small offers decent biriyani for a reasonable price of 100 bucks. If you have a small budget but big hunger, this is the place you should be.

17. Koorai Kadai, Sholinganallur


The place provides bulk biriyani for a very reasonable price with no compromise on the taste.

18. Twilight Takeaway

Mutton Biriyani Anantapur

Twilight Takeaway is another place where you can order biriyani for your midnight cravings.

19. Midnight kitchen, Nungambakkam

30 Places To Find Binge-Worthy Biriyani In Chennai

So what happens when you get a midnight-craving for biriyani? Midnight Kitchen is your answer! It provides night delivery and happens to deliver some of the best biriyani.

20. Bombay Brasserie, Adayar30 Places To Find Binge-Worthy Biriyani In Chennai

For a change, this place offers varieties of the North-Indian Biriyani. Bombay Chicken Biriyani is a must try at this place!

21. Sigree, Nungambakkam


Another place that specializes in the authentic Dum biriyani! Unlike a lot of other places vegetable biriyani just as tasty as its non-vegetarian counterparts.

22. Copper Chimney, Taramani


Copper Chimney offers Prawn Biriyani and a wide variety of Dum biriyanis. The long grain basmati rice is cooked to perfection with the right amount of spice and masala. Just so yum!

23. Kolapasi, Nungambakkam


Kolapasi’s Mutton Chukka Biriyani has won a permanent place in our hearts!

24. Pot Biriyani, Vadapalani

maxresdefault (3)

Ever tried Biryani in a Pot? This spot in Vadapalani serves biriyani in a traditional mudpot and one must go here at least for the experience.

25. Buhari, all outlets


We would gladly die for Buhari’s Chicken Biriyani! That’s actually the case with anything that’s edible. Okay so this Biriyani we would double die for it!

26. Ponnuswamy


Ever wonder what heaven’s like? Have a spoon of Ponnusway hotel’s Prawn Biriyani and then you’ll know.

27. Kebab Court, Velachery30 Places To Find Binge-Worthy Biriyani In Chennai

They specialize in providing Hyderabadi Biriyani. The taste is great but it’s a little on the pricey side.

28. Ambur Star Biriyani


The best kind of Arcot Biriyani. Moreover you get to eat Biryani off the banana leaf. Hot Biriyani served on a banana leaf and you eat not just to your stomach but also your heart’s fill. Now, who doesn’t like that!

29. Charminar Restaurant, Gopalpuram


It has a wide variety ranging from paneer to fish but the best at this place is the Charminar Special Biriyani which has the special Hyderabadi blend of spices which tastes just amazing!

30. Loyola Fast Food, Nungambakam



Located on the Nelson manickam road, it is a famous hangout place for students. It one of the places you can go and get Chicken Biriyani for under 100 bucks. The place is known for its cheap yet tasty biriyani that it sells.