30 IIT Bombay Students Got Sick After Eating Hostel Food

30 IIT Bombay Students Got Sick After Eating Hostel Food

30 women students of IIT Bombay were hospitalised on Saturday night after eating dinner at their hostel mess. Several of them were given a discharge by Sunday evening and the institute is still finding out the reason for the food poisoning. For this, they’ve sent the food samples to a laboratory for testing.

Food Poisoning In College

The students who fell ill had complaints of vomiting on Saturday night after which the warden was informed. All students were then notified to inform of any food poisoning symptoms. “Most girls are now stable. The institute has sent the food samples for testing. We are waiting for the reports to ascertain the exact reason,” a student told the Times of India.

The publication also spoke to an IIT-B spokesperson who said, “About 25 girls fell ill after consuming sweets. They were administered prompt medical care at IIT Bombay hospital and were later discharged. Now they are fine. Mess will remain closed till tomorrow for sanitisation. BMC has inspected the mess too. Cause of the food poisoning is yet to be determined.”


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