30 Executive Chefs From JW Marriott Properties Across India Predict Food Trends That 2016 Will See

On 23rd March, the JW Marriott Mumbai Juhu saw the gathering of 30 culinary heavyweights; the executive chefs from Marriott India properties. Holding court at the Lotus Cafe, they served their signature dishes to patrons and discussed and predicted culinary trends that 2016 will see.


About The JW Marriott Hotels

The JW Marriott Hotels have a worldwide reputation for offering customers a luxurious stay with impeccable service. Today, there are 70 JW Marriott hotels in 26 countries in popular cities and exotic locales. The group plans to expand its presence to over 30 countries with 100 properties by 2019.

JW Marriott Hotels fall under the Marriott International parent umbrella, an American hospitality country which operates 19 brands of hotels and resorts and owns more than 4,400 properties in 87 countries and territories.

Considering the impressive reach and reputation of the JW Marriott hotels, therefore, it seems fair to look at the hotel’s chefs as experts as well as trendsetters in their field. Here’s what they had to say about the direction food will go in 2016.

F & B Trends In 2016

The chefs placed a major emphasis on the popularity of healthy food, saying that customers are becoming more and more health conscious Therefore, restaurants will place a focus on fresh, organic ingredients and healthy dishes. Additionally, kids’ menus in restaurants will also get a healthy touch along with a more varied range of choices.


The chefs also agreed that customers are looking for an enveloping experience when it comes to food; not just in terms of taste, but also in texture, aroma and colours. Along with focusing on taste, chefs will also strive to make their dishes more visually appealing and aromatic.

Additionally, businesses already are, and will be focusing on authentic set ups in terms of food, decor and seating. Meanwhile consumers are more open to travelling to offbeat travel destinations to get an authentic experience and taste the ‘classic’ dishes of the region.

Chefs also predicted that street food, with an elevated twist, will make its way into many fine dining restaurant menus.

Finally, the chefs spoke at length about the impact of social media on the culinary world. Today, many bloggers photograph their food experiences and share them on platforms like Instagram and Twitter, gaining immediate and organic publicity for restaurants. Chefs too will become more and more involved with social media, by taking and sharing photographs of their food as well as using apps to facilitate a conversation between chefs and consumers.

Indeed, by looking at the culinary scene in Mumbai, a foodie can already see many manifestations of these trends; restaurants and delivery services are placing a focus on fresh, healthy fare while thousands of bloggers in the city are filling our Instagram and Twitter feed with their daily food experiences.

Commenting on the discussion and Chefs’ meet, Chef Himanshu Taneja, the Executive Chef of the JW Marriott Mumbai Juhu said “My experience with JW Marriott Mumbai Juhu has been very enriching and it is my constant endeavour to put forth the best of gastronomic delights for our esteemed guests, the culinary trends 2016 highlight the expertise of our 30 Executive chefs of Marriott India.”

At the event, Chef Taneja was awarded the ACE Global executive Chef, JW Marriott Hotels; a culinary honour that recognises a consistent outstanding performance from an executive chef at the JW Marriott Hotel properties.

Perhaps a trip to the JW Marriott Juhu is on the cards? Not only will you get to try fare from kitchens supervised by Chef Taneja, but you’ll also get to see these culinary trends translated into food. Remember to take some photos!



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