3 Spirits Or More Cocktails Served In The Bars Of Bengaluru

We might be in the business of getting a little tipsy on the weekend, but we don’t usually indulge in the hardcore partying scene of Bengaluru. Give us a good craft brew and some good food and our weekend drinking session is set. Although we tend to prefer the fresh brews of Bengaluru, there are a few days where ordering a good strong drink makes a lot of sense and leads us into wagging our tongues out looking for more.

So, we went out looking for the strongest cocktails we can get our hands on, served in the numerous bars and pubs of Bengaluru. These drinks are to be enjoyed responsibly with a companion who is more than willing to deal with your shenanigans after gulping down a few.

1. The Longest Long Island Iced Tea at Social, Church Street and Whitefield

The Longest Long Island Iced Tea served at Social in Bengaluru is their ultimate trademark drink. There are three varieties to get your drinking started, the Classic LLIIT, Toxic LLIIT and Electric LLIIT. Each drink satisfies your every craving for the varieties of liquor. Based on the variation of the drink, you will get to pour Vodka, Gin, Tequila, Rum along with some other flavours, down your liquor seeking heart, 


2. Samoan Fog Cutter at The Big Kahuna, Malleshwaram

You might be wondering about the name and, trust us, we were too. Samoan Fog Cutter sounds like a drink straight from the depths of a screwed up version of a Stephen King novel. It sounds grungy, dirty and quite strikingly similar to a drink which could possibly kill us if not indulged in within our comfort zone, and it sure did take us a little too close for comfort. A combination of Rum, Gin, Brandy and Sherry Wine gives this cocktail a strong alcohol potency, definitely not for the weak of heart. 


3. Budhi’s Bomb at Hangover, Indiranagar

This is definitely not the drink when you are suffering from any kind of a hangover. The Budhi’s Bomb sounds just about right when you consider the amount of alcohol in this drink, which will help you bomb away to another stratosphere. This elegant (ha!) cocktail contains, Gin, Vodka, Tequila, Brandy, Dark Rum, and Beer. Good lord, why stop there?  


4. Pussy Galore at Loft 38, Indiranagar

Yes, we know where the name comes from and no, you can’t woo her like James Bond did if you chug down this boozy cocktail at Loft 38. Although the drink makes it just over our 3 spirits limit, it tastes too good not to hold a significant position on this list of mind-blowing cocktails. Pussy Galore is almost as bad and dirty as its namesake in the film, with Whisky, Gin and Tequila providing the same dream land experience of your favourite Bond hero. 


5. Lake George Iced Tea at Three Dots and a Dash, Indiranagar

Although Three Dots and a Dash is one of the few authentic tiki bars in the city, they serve up some of the meanest cocktails. The Lake George Iced Tea, especially, checked off all the ingredients on the list of the things we shouldn’t drink, Rum, Gin, Vodka with a splash of Tequila. After sipping on this drink, we had a distinct urge to swirl our body around with the imaginary hula hoop. 


Stiff drinks. That’s the name of the game this weekend and try these cocktails, preferably one per night. Although we encourage checking the vast liquor scene of Bengaluru, we also wish that you are safe and back home after a night of rollicking fun.