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3 Fail-proof Ways to Get Your Kids To Eat More Vegetables


Sigh. If my mother knew I was writing this article, she might just pass out. But you gotta do what you gotta do, mom. And these vegetables need to be loved. There, I said it. 

Vegetables can’t help themselves; they’re green, mean and they might just smell a little different from that cheese burger. What’s with them, you may ask! Why can’t they taste cheesy or sweet like chocolate? But kids and mothers, the vegetables can’t help it. 

But you know what might help? These super awesome tips. 

1. Dip me, Darling 

Spinach, you've done it again!

Make a dip. Kids can’t get their, well, fingers, off finger food. It doesn’t matter if their dunking their fries in your artichoke dip or guacamole. They could be doing a lot worse. So go on, throw in their favourite flavours, tone down the spice and whip up a vegetable dip. 

2. Fun with Food 

Children can’t say ‘no’ to a bunny with carrot for teeth, bread for a face and peas for eyes. You don’t have to go extreme, but you can bend the rules a little. Try different, cute ways of presenting your vegetables. One of them might just click. 

3. A little Magic 

cauliflower pizza crust recipe

Try the old switch-a-roo. If your child likes pizzas, why not a cauliflower crust? Just try to bring the texture and flavour as close as you can and he might just think it’s the same thing. 

After all this, look at that mirror and say “I was a kid once. My kids will be kids.”