28 Pizzas in Bangalore That You Need To Binge On At Least Once In Your Lifetime

Pizzas are the ultimate comfort food. There’s something about seeing all those vegetables and meat, on a bed of sauce with cheese just melted on the top that is just comforting for the soul. I don’t know about you guys, but for me, a pizza is the perfect pick-me-up for the days when you just want to watch friends on the couch. 

These 28 Pizzas in Bangalore are worthy of an all-weekend binge. Trust us, we’ve been there, done that. 

1. Exotica Pizza at Toit

Pair it with one of their signature beers and you have a meal you won’t forget.

1 - Toit

2. Pepperoni Pizza at California Pizza Kitchen 

The good ol’ Pepperoni just tastes better at CPK. 

2 - California Pizza Kitchen

3. Al Pesto Pizza at Go Italia 

The pesto sauce at go italia is just divine.

3 - Go Italia

4. Butter Chicken Pizza at Bakester 

Bak ester provides us with an Indian twist on the classic Italian fare

4 - Bakester

5. Chicken Sausage Pizza at Oliver’s Pizza 

Who doesn’t like sausage on a pizza right?

5 - Oliver's Pizza

6. Asparagus & Cherry Tomatoes Pizza at Onesta 

Onesta is a beautiful and elegant place to cosy up with a pizza.

6 - Onesta

7. OMG Pizza at House of Harvest 

This pizza will actually make you go – OMG!

7 - House Of Harvest

8. Hot & Sweet Pizza at Northam’s Pizza.Pita 

A sweet and spicy take at this pizza joint.

8 - Northam's Pizza.Pita

9. Nepolitina Pizza at The Pizzeria 

Even Napoleon would come up from his grave for this one.

9 - The Pizzeria

10. Chicken Tikka Pizza J’s Pastas & Pizzas 

Our classic chicken tikka on a beautiful pizza with melted cheese on top.

10 - J's Pastas and Pizzas

11. Pesto Pizza at Fenny’s Lounge & Kitchen 

Tender chunks of chicken layered with pesto sauce that is oh-so-divine 

11 - Fenny's

12. Pepperoni with Corn and Olives at Koel’s Pizzeria 

You get to choose your toppings at Koel’s Pizzeria. We went with corn and olives. What would you pick?

12 - Koels

13. Chicken Pizza at Vinny’s 

The classic chicken pizza is out of this world.

13 - Vinny's

14. Ferrara Margarita at Pasta Street 

There’s a story behind this name. The folks at Pasta Street would be happy to fill you in.

15 - Pasta Street

15. Smoked Salmon Pizza at Serafina 

We normally don’t like sea food in our pizza but for this one, we will more than make an exception.

16 - Serafina

16. Veg Campagnarde Pizza at Chez Mariannick 

Chez Mariannick makes this pizza that is guaranteed to have you weak at the knees.

17 - Chez Mariannick

17. Chicken Sausage & Spinach Pizza at Meeteaing 

This pizza will have you popping spinach like popeye. 

18 - Meeteaing

18. Meat Overload Pizza at BB’s Pizza Place 

Because we can never have too much meat?

19 - BB's Pizza Place

19. Greek Passion Pizza at Arbor Brewing Company 

This one isn’t for the faint-hearted. If you can get through it without sniffing, we salute you. Trust us, it’s worth it. 

20 - Arbor Brewing Company

20. Peri Peri Chicken Pizza at Cafe Mangii 

We all love us a bit of peri-peri. 

21 - Cafe Mangii

21. Bangalore Brew Works 

22 - Bangalore Brew Works

22. Pizza Pascucci at Caffe Pascucci 

This is a Pascucci favourite. You need to try it to believe it. 

23 - Caffe Pascucci

23. Little Italy Pizza at Intalia 

You can’t get it any better than this.

24 - Intalia

24. Famous BYLI Crust Pizza at BYLI – Bet You Love It 

It’s famous for a reason. 

25 - BYLI

25. Veggie Delight at Prost Brew Pub 

They have a few non-veg option but this is an in-house favourite. 

26 - Prost Brew Pub

26. Sicilian Pizza at Napoli Italian Bistro 

A delicious pizza that will make you want to catch the next flight to Sicily. 

27 - Napoli Italian Bistro

27. Capricciosa at Toscano 

Toscano is known for its pizzas and the capricciosa is one of our favourites.

28 - Toscano

28. Pizza Carnivore at Grub 

Bring on the meat!

29 - Grub