28 Must-Try Momos In Chennai That Will Leave You Wrapped

With the cold season slowly settling in, cuddle-worthy food is on our minds everyday and we can’t help but wonder how these cravings are going to be satisfied. There’s nothing that feels better than sitting indoors on rainy nights by the tv, and curled up with your favourite foods. Of course, we’re thinking warm savoury pies, cheesy bakes, and thick gravies, but we’re also thinking Asian food. Honestly, Asian food is made for all seasons being one of the most popular cuisines around the world and a guaranteed satisfier of hunger. And what’s everyone’s favourite Asian snack? Momos! Being a light-eat, momos are an absolute delight and we sometimes feel like we could eat a whole truckload of it for dinner. They’re so enjoyable and delicious whether steamed or fried, and what’s more, you just won’t be able to get enough of them. Yes, we’re dim-sum crazy and if you are too, here are 28 places that you can go to for some lip-smacking momos in Chennai! 


1. Stir-fried Chicken Dumplings – Momo Restaurant


Steamed and then stir-fried, Momo Restaurant offers unique tasting momos that are sure to fill you up. They’re made just right, making this a recommended plate when you visit. 

2. Steamed Pork Momos – North East Kitchen


Say hello to some sweet momos graced with the flavour of pork, Asia’s favourite sweet meat. Would you rather have anything else? We think not.

3. Spinach and Corn Dumplings – Flower Drum


Delicious vegetarian dumplings are here! Flower Drum, an exquisite vegetarian, Chinese restaurant serves some yummy veggie packed momos for all the green lovers out there! 

4. Basil Flavoured Chicken Dumplings – Mainland China Asia Kitchen


Let the aromatic, exotic flavours of basil excite you with every bite of these dumplings. If you thought dumplings were just about the chicken, think again. This filling has a great herb flavour and we love it!

5. Fried Vegetable Wontons – The Chinese Story


Fried wontons! Hooray for fried wontons! These vegetable-filled wontons are gloriously deep fried and give you a crunch in every bite. Grab a few and don’t share!

6. Chicken Momos – Wangs Kitchen


Wang’s Kitchen is everyone’s go-to Chinese spot with several outlets around the city. What’s awesome is their quick service and the momos that come in a jiffy! Need a quick fix? Then you should be heading here.

7. Chilly Corn Wontons – VeganeR


Two things, chilli and corn. Don’t they sound so good for dumplings? But do you know what’s better? They’re vegan! Yes, VeganeR is an exclusive vegan restaurant in the city with lots to talk about their all-vegan, super healthy menu. Vegans, head here for your momo fix.

8. Roasted Chicken Momos – Gold Dragon


We’re crazy in love with the words “roasted chicken” and just the sound of these momos make us drool. Trust us when we say, these can be addictive.

9. Prawn Kothe – China Town


Prawn dumplings, anyone? These are an absolute, sweet and juicy delight and the flavour of the prawns really leave us wanting more. Kothe is a variety of pan fried momos, in case you were wondering, and these momos are an absolute must-try!

10. Crispy Fried Wontons – Kaidi Kitchen


For a little veggie fix, these momos are fried crisp and are quite enjoyable with the classic chilli sauce. Don’t miss this one if you’re heading to Kaidi Kitchen.

11. Chicken Momos – Yellow Panda


Have a nice, warm plate of chicken momos from Yellow Panda after a rough day. We guarantee you’ll feel better…and maybe eat some more. 

12. Tibetan Chicken Momos – Spoonbill


Ah, the savoury flavours of street food. Spoonbill dishes out street food from across the globe all day long and these momos are something that you can’t miss while you’re at Spoonbill!

13. Prawn Momos – Azzuri Bay


What’s better than just ordinary momos? PRAWN momos….on a rooftop. Azzuri Bay gives you tasty momos that you can enjoy along with their calming rooftop ambience, perfect for a sweet night out.

14. Chicken Fried Wontons – 10 Downing Street


Where do you go when you want some wontons and beer at the same time? (Yeah, that sounds great, doesn’t it?) You go to 10 Downing Street, popularly known as 10D in the city.

15. Veg Fried Wontons – Olive and Basil


This little joint tucked away in Adyar serves some humble wontons that are great for snacking or taking with you on the go. 

16. Curried Vegetable Wontons – Illusions: The Madras Pub


Okay, so maybe it’s a Friday night and you want some drink to go with your dim sum craving. Look no further and head to Illusions for awesome cocktails and delicious curried momos. Sounds like fun!

17. Deep Fried Shrimp Wontons – The Marina


Deep fried shrimp wontons are juicy and perfect as a party appetizer or just a treat on a rainy day. If you’re in the middle of the city, you should head to The Marina and try these.

18. Whole Prawn Dim Sum – The Cascade


A juicy piece of prawn in every bite! Now, that’s what we’re talking about! Consider your cravings satisfied, right here.

19. Cantonese Chicken Dim Sum – Noodle Bar


A little beyond ordinary is this delicious helping of Cantonese momos from the noodle bar. Give this a try if you’re looking for momos that are a little different. The flavour might excite you! 

20. Chicken Wontons – The Farmhouse


The Farmhouse gives you the perfect excuse to take that nice long drive up to ECR and binge on some super tasty momos. 

21. Chicken Momos – Kim Ling


This restaurant has been around for quite some time, located in Anna Nagar, and is a popular spot for residents in the area looking to grab some Chinese food. And as always, you never start the meal with anything else but momos. 

22. Lamb Dim Sum – The Canton


For a different choice of meat, instead of the regular chicken or shrimp, try these lamb momos. A filling so succulent, it will leave you hooked!

23. Po’s (Pork Momos) – Big Bang Theory: Bar & Kitchen


These hearty dumplings remind us of the ever-so-famous Po of Kung Fu Panda, and why not? He loves dumplings too! 

24. Vegetable Momos – DiMoRa


If you’re into veggie-filled momos, these little parcels of green goodness are quite the treat! 

25. Beef Momos – Kailash Kitchen


There’s something about Kailash Kitchen that has every young adult in the city flocking over to this little shop in Choolaimedu for what they call the “best momos ever”. Well, there’s only one way to find out! Head over and tell us what you think!

26. Pokchoy Dumplings – Hot Pot China


Pokchoy, a common green in Asian cooking, stars in it’s very own dumpling recipe for the most satisfying veggie dumplings ever! 

27. The Chosen Momo – Love Peace Karma


They call it the “Chosen momo”. If you’re wondering why, wipe that curiosity away by heading over to Love Peace Karma and feasting on these awesome momos.

28. Fish Fried Momos – WoW Momo


For a one of a kind momo experience, make you way to WoW Momo at Phoenix mall. The momos are fish filled, and that’s what makes it different! 



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